Oak Point Mountain Trail

4.3 Miles
Time to Hike: 2 hours, ~9 minutes
PA Wilds
Pine Creek Pinnacles (PCP20)
December 31, 2020
May 24, 2022

The Oak Point Mountain Trail at Tioga State Forest in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania is a moderate 4.3-mile out-and-back trail that runs atop Oak Point mountain and features a bushwhack hike out to a Timber Rattlesnake vista.

Please note that none of the trails along this recorded track have trailhead signs or blazes along them as of late December 2020 when I first explored this trail. When returning on March 10, 2022 nothing had changed, so bring an offline mapping app or at least a physical map. The main route that runs to the fork in the trail (see notes below) is a service road called the Matson Trail. Despite the trail name, it's unclear where the Matson Trail ends so my unofficial name for the trail is the Oak Point Mountain Trail since it runs the entire length of the mountain.

Trail Description
I originally mapped this trail after hiking up the School House Hollow Trail in 2020; however, hikers can get to this trailhead the junction of Matson Road and the Oak Ridge Trail. From the trailhead, the Matson Trail heads south following a flat grade for a large majority of the hike.

School House Hollow Trail Junction - Mile 0.6
After hiking down the trail for about 0.6-miles, hikers will reach a junction with the School House Hollow Trail and the Matson Trail.

After passing the School House Hollow Trail the trail continues heading due south along a flat grade - passing the summit of Oak Point Mountain to the east - before reaching a fork in the trail. At the fork, stay right to continue along this mapped route, which eventually heads down the mountain. If you take a left-hand turn this trail does link back to the first junction at mile 0.6 via the Fuller Hollow Trail. Continuing to the right-hand side of the fork, the forest turns into mostly conifers and pines - hiking along and under what looked like mostly Hemlock trees. This section of trail is beautiful during the winter with snow. There's at least one very small break in the trees along this section with an obstructed view of what appears to be Mount Nessmuk next door.

Bushwhack to Rattlesnake Vista - Mile 1.35
Around mile 1.35, if hikers wish to visit a rattlesnake habitat, they can follow the rest of this GPS track - leading through a bushwhack of mountain laurel - out to where Timber Rattlesnakes likely call a rocky outcropping their home. This section of the hike should only be attempted during cold months when rattlesnakes are in their dens and should ideally be avoided between the months of May - October. During this cold winter hike, we were hoping to find a nice vista, but instead found a clearcut area for rattlesnakes to sunbathe in addition to some rocky outcroppings where the Timber Rattlesnakes likely den.

Hiking Out
If you decide not to bushwhack to the rattlesnake den area, then this hike is an easy 2.7-mile out-and-back hike; however, the addition to the rattlesnake vista the hike is closer to 4.3-miles out-and-back for a more moderate hike.

Obstructed Views
Please note that there are really no views on this trail and I only included them as points-of-interest on the map so that hikers know which way they're looking or what they're looking toward while out on the trail. During the winter, you do get some glimpses of neighboring mountains. At the rattlesnake habitat, hikers can see an obstructed view of Round Top mountain during colder months.

Hikers will find the main parking area for this trail located at the coordinates provided which lead to the junction of Matson Road and the Oak Ridge Trail. As of March 2022, this area of Tioga State Forest is still being used for natural gas extraction and thus this road is currently maintained year-round for related trucking activities. Be mindful of the large trucks that drive these roads and park off to the side of the road to avoid blocking any traffic.

This trail can be rated "easy" unless bushwhacking and thus the trail should be considered moderate.

Dogs are allowed if leashed.

Backpackers can likely find a place to setup camp, but there were no campsites located along this hike. The top of Oak Point Mountain is probably not very forgiving during the warmer months when the brush is more filled-in and dense. During the colder months, it'd be easier to hang a hammock to camp. Please follow all state forest rules when dispersed / primitive / backcountry camping.

Blaze Color
None of the trails on this track follow any blazes or markers. There are no trailhead signs either.

Pine Creek Pinnacles (PCP20)
This hike is part of the Pine Creek Pinnacles hiking challenge. For this hike, making it closest to the USGS Summit (on-trail) for Oak Point Mountain is good enough - no need to bushwhack to the rattlesnake den! For more information, details, and FAQs, please visit our Pine Creek Pinnacles (PCP20) page.

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4.3 miles
Trail added
December 31, 2020
Updated on
May 24, 2022
4.3 miles
June 07, 2022
Rainy day, soaked through but not too cold. Started on old logging road, then husband led us on the bushwack. Not bad (once you got through mountain laurel) with mostly below knee blueberry and open area with deer trails through it. Tons of little salamanders out in rain.
Dogs Hiking
4.4 miles
June 07, 2022
Cool old forest road. Hiked this one in the rain. Anybody know what that old piece of metal is in the tree by the grassy clearing? Never realized this was a bushwack. A lot of fun though!
Dogs Hiking
4.4 miles
June 07, 2022
My wife and two of three teenagers and 2 dogs joined me. I've never been to the point but the trail felt familiar - checking my purple lizard map confirmed the hike included a small section of the Green Monster. Naturally, I didn't read the trail description prior to hiking and spent a bit of time casting about looking for a trail for the easterly bushwhack. Gave up and just plowed through the thick mountain laurel. Blustery rainy day for a "green" fog-laden hike. A bit sad to see all the natural gas production activity in this area but I like affordable energy and who am I to hold back progress.
4.9 miles
March 10, 2022
Snowshoed out to a clearcut at the southern end of Oak Point mountain, hoping to find a nice vista. We found an obstructed view of Round Top mountain, but mainly this clearcut is meant for a Timber Rattlesnake habitat. Next to the clearcut area are a series of rocky outcroppings where rattlesnakes likely live. The snakes use the fallen timber in the clearcut area to hide while sunning themselves on warm days. On the way back we stopped at the old school house on the School House Hollow Trail (see the separate guide for that exact trail) before heading back to parking. Note that the rattlesnake habitat is located on a bushwhack that's not recommended during warmer months to reduce the chances of stepping on a rattlesnake. Last, I updated this guide to be more precise where the trailhead is and the length of the trail accordingly. Note that the school house spur trail from this trip report's map is not shown on the main trail map.
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