How to Track Trails

MyHikes Apps

Recording trails is easy, just use your phone. MyHikes has both an Android and iOS app available as of October, 2023! The MyHikes app supports tracking / creating and uploading Trails directly to your MyHikes.org account.

Note: our apps my not work on older phone versions, so please upgrade to the latest operating system version to ensure the MyHikes app works!

Alternative Apps

Alternatively, here are some 3rd-party apps we recommend that are reliable both online and offline:

When using a smartphone app, record your hike and save it to the app. Next, export your hike to your iCloud , email , DropBox , Google Drive , etc.

If the app gives you a choice when exporting, always export the file as GPX or .gpx.

Finally, log in and upload the file to the site.

Note: You can upload files directly from your Google Drive or iCloud account to your mobile browser.

GPS Tracking Devices

Some MyHikes users upload data from GPS tracking devices and not their smartphones.

Most of these devices (i.e. Garmin devices and watches, Suunto Traverse watches, etc.) support multiple file formats when exporting trail GPS data. Check the manufacturer's details on how to export your hiking trails as a GPX or .gpx file.

Why Track Trails?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to consider tracking trails on your next trip. Whether you're in an area with cell service, or in the middle of the wilderness, tracking can be really useful.

Here's a list of ways tracking your hikes could help your next trip:

  1. Hiking or backpacking unblazed trail systems in an unfamiliar area.
  2. Hiking in the middle of the night in case you get lost.
  3. Tracking your distance from point to point to help navigate.
  4. Helping other hikers find new trails.
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