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Track your own hikes, download Trail routes from MyHikes.org to follow offline, or find a new trail to hike on the MyHikes app!

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Map Your Hikes

Track your hikes with MyHikes! Non-Supporters can record and store up to 15 hikes in-app, while Supporters can record and save an unlimited number of hikes!

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3D Topo Maps

Explore terrain, trails, topography, MyHikes Trail routes, or overlay your recorded hikes with 3D maps!

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Offline Maps

Plan your next backcountry hike by downloading offline map regions to ensure you can easily find your way, even without cell service.

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MyHikes Trail Routes

Use the "Send to App" feature on MyHikes.org to send up to 25 Trail routes to download for offline use in-app. *Supporter-only feature.

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Track your hikes with MyHikes!

Discover new trails and track your favorite hikes with the MyHikes app! Download now to explore endless outdoor adventures, or visit MyHikes.org to download trail routes and embark on exciting treks.

Map and record your hikes
Upload trails to your MyHikes.org account
*Download trails in-app from MyHikes.org
Import GPX files (great for
Download offline map regions
Explore your trails with 3D maps

*Supporters-only feature.

GPS Tracking Devices

Some MyHikes users upload data from GPS tracking devices and not their smartphones.

Most of these devices (i.e. Garmin devices and watches, Suunto Traverse watches, etc.) support multiple file formats when exporting trail GPS data. Check the manufacturer's details on how to export your hiking trails as a GPX or .gpx file.

Why Track Trails?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to consider tracking trails on your next trip. Whether you're in an area with cell service, or in the middle of the wilderness, tracking can be really useful.

Here's a list of ways tracking your hikes could help your next trip:

  1. Hiking or backpacking unblazed trail systems in an unfamiliar area.
  2. Hiking in the middle of the night in case you get lost.
  3. Tracking your distance from point to point to help navigate.
  4. Helping other hikers find new trails.