Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't there many trails near me?

MyHikes' data relies on registered users adding trails, so data may be scarce or completely missing from certain areas.

If you're proactive, please help us out by signing in and adding trails you know and love.

If adding trails is not your thing, make sure to bookmark the site and check back from time to time. The database is growing and we get new trails added each month.

How can I aquire GPX data for trail uploads?

Check out our How To Track Trails page.

How can I add trails?

Check out our How To Add Trails page.

Where are the mobile apps?

MyHikes is owned and operated by one person and time is short, so the main focus for the time being is the site; however, there may be apps in the future.

How is MyHikes funded?

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. All server, operational, and development is done out of pocket by the site admin.

If you find the site useful and want to help support it, feel free to Donate

What can I do as a MyHikes user?

  • Add Trails: add your favorite local trails with or without GPS data to help make finding trails easier.
  • Add Parks: add site links and map links to make additional information easier to find.
  • Photo Albums + Pictures: show off your favorite local spots with a few pictures from your trip.
  • Complete existing trails: Complete other people's trails to track how many miles you've hiked, what activities you did, and note any additional information about your trip. Maybe you didn't hike the whole thing or you hiked further than the default distance - we've got you covered, just adjust your completed distance.
  • Track your miles & trails from year to year: Your profile includes year over year charts showing you how many miles you completed, on what trail, and when, so that you can track your own progress.

What can users expect in the future?

Whatever the user base needs that seems worth while. Please send any feature suggestions to the site admin .

Found a bug?

If you find a bug, please email the site admin with a description of what you were doing, what you clicked on, and what the error was.

If you can, include a screenshot as well.

Any and all bug reports are much appreciated!

Real-time trail tracking (mobile-only)

Track your current position on any existing trail with elevation change and total distance:
  1. Register on MyHikes.org ( Sign up ) or existing users can Sign In
  2. You must be using a mobile device with internet access.
  3. Next, navigate to any Trail ( Example Trail )
  4. On the Map section of the page and click on the button.
  5. Read the on-screen instructions and give MyHikes permissions to use your location.
  6. Done!

Can I get a picture removed?

No problem! Email the site admin and we'll remove the picture for you. Just supply a link to the picture in the email.
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