Licensing Agreement

MyHikes has over 2,300 trail guides including hundreds of thousands of GPS data points with coordinates and elevation approximations, trail maps with points-of-interest, trail elevation charts, over 26,000 Geo-tagged pictures, and more.

Our content is engaging, well-thought-out, and helps hundreds of thousands of hikers each year, completely for free; however, our content is MyHikes' intellectual property too, which means that non-profit and commercial organizations can license certain parts of our content for a modest fee and with written legal-binding permission. All licensing payments help keep our lights on.

Some examples of MyHikes' licensed content:

If you're looking to license any of MyHikes' content, please contact MyHikes' Founder, Owner, and Admin, David Miller via myhikes1@gmail.com or please use the contact form. All inquiries will be replied to within a couple of business days.