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Download GPX

Bring our trails on your hike!

Download any trail from MyHikes as a GPX file to import into your favorite hiking app or tracking device. Our GPX trails always include the parking coordinates and trailhead as waypoints.

If a trail includes additional POI (points-of-interest) such as campsites, vistas, water sources, etc., they are also included as waypoints in the GPX file.

Better Maps

Trail Drawing

Supporters can zoom into trail search maps to load each trail to help plan your hike.

Trails drawn on search maps

Shaded Relief Tiles

Use our extra map styles, like Shaded Relief tiles (shown below) in trail and park maps to understand the landscape better.

Shaded relief map example

Shaded relief is a method for representing topography on maps in a natural, aesthetic, and intuitive manner.

Weather Data

With a Supporter Account, we include real-time weather data in every trail page to help you plan your day hikes or backpacking trips.

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MyHikes supporters help pay our server and trail gathering fees, so to show our thanks, supporter accounts get special profile banners and extra bling.


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