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Send Trail routes to the MyHikes app via "Send to App"
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Download Trails as GPX w/POI
Better maps
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Independently Owned

MyHikes is independently-owned, has no investors or shareholders, run and funded out-of-pocket by one person - Dave Miller (Founder & Admin), and takes a crazy amount of time hiking, mapping, writing about and publishing new trails for free - in addition to developing the platform (website & mobile app software engineering).


MyHikes relies on donations from the hiking community who find our content and software useful and want to help us keep the lights on. Note that MyHikes is a tiny SMLLC, so donations are not tax deductible.

Send Trail Routes to the MyHikes App

Bring our trails on your hike by sending up to 25 Trail routes* directly to your MyHikes app!

Supporters can click the "Send to App" button which adds each Trail route (up to 25) to your download list. Tap the Download to App button in the MyHikes app on the Tracks page to download your selected routes. To remove routes from your list to free-up space, simply delete the route from your app or click the green "Send to App" button on selected trail routes.

*Routes are just the GPS track and do not include trail notes.

Create > 15 Trails (MyHikes App)

Create and store an unlimited number of trails in the MyHikes app without having to clear up space.

Download > 1 Offline Map Region (MyHikes App)

Planning a backcountry hike? As a MyHikes Supporter, you'll be able to download more than 1 offline map region directly to your app to follow along offline, especially in areas with no cell service.

Import > 1 GPX File (MyHikes App)

Do you have a preferred source or GPX editor for planning and mapping your own routes? MyHikes Supporters have the ability to import more than one GPX file into the MyHikes app, allowing for more offline exploration opportunities.

Download GPX (Website)

Bring our trails on your hike and import into the MyHikes app!

Download any trail from MyHikes as a GPX file to import into your favorite hiking app or tracking device. Our GPX trails always include the parking coordinates and trailhead as waypoints.

If a trail includes additional POI (points-of-interest) such as campsites, vistas, water sources, etc., they are also included as waypoints in the GPX file.

Note that our GPX trail data is only available to Supporters to aid in their outing. Our data is not available for redistribution or publication for any non-profit or commercial products or applications without permission via paid licensing. For any organization that wishes to use our data for non-profit or commercial use, please contact us.

Better Maps (Website)

Trail Drawing

Supporters can zoom into trail search maps to load each trail to help plan your hike.

Trails drawn on search maps

Shaded Relief Tiles

Use our extra map styles, like Shaded Relief tiles (shown below) in trail and park maps to understand the landscape better.

Shaded relief map example

Weather Data (Website)

With a Supporter Account, we include real-time weather data in every trail page to help you plan your day hikes or backpacking trips.

Profile Bling (Website)

MyHikes Supporters help pay our server fees and help us add new trails each year. To show our thanks, Supporter Accounts display Supporter tags across the site.