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MyHikes is a community driven platform that aims to make public trails easier to find for everyone, created in 2015 by Dave Miller (Admin). By using a smartphone, GPS tracking devices, or online mapping tools, anyone can upload trails to the site using custom GPX files!

MyHikes was an idea that sparked after endless searches for trailhead parking coordinates led to websites and apps with forced user sign-ups or walled gardens. The site was built in 2015 by Dave Miller (Admin), for himself and friends as a hiking journal and a way to get back to the trailhead and trails they love. The original goal was to make a platform to save basic trail information like parking coordinates, GPS routes, and pictures so Dave and his friends could revisit these places later in life. MyHikes was eventually opened to the public in late 2016 to see if other folks found the data useful. MyHikes quickly grew beyond its original goal and now exists to help everyone find interesting public trails to explore by providing free trail maps, directions to the trailhead, elevation charts, pictures from the trail, trip reports, and more!

For more info or common questions, check out our FAQ page.

Contact us with questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you just want to drop us some knowledge.

Crowdsourced Trails

MyHikes data comes directly from hikers and backpackers like you. The idea is to grow the site with a community of hikers who want to make finding trails easier.

No Trails Near Me!

You may find that MyHikes doesn't have any trails in your area. Sorry, but our list of contributors is small and located mainly in the northeast United States. If you're proactive and love to hike or backpack, consider signing up and adding some of your favorite local trails!

Supporting the Site

If you find MyHikes useful and want to help support our cause, consider becoming a Supporter or making a small donation.


MyHikes is partnered with Columbus Metro Parks (2018 - Present), Kestrel Land Trust (2019 - Present), and the Austin Dam Memorial Park (2020 - Present).

If your organization is interested in partnering with us, feel free to contact MyHikes Founder, Dave Miller.


Unfortunately MyHikes has no financial Sponsors right now, but some operating costs are supplemented by our awesome Supporters. If your organization is interested in helping us keeping our lights on while promoting your brand, please contact MyHikes Founder, Dave Miller.

Where We're Located

  • Boston, MA (2015)
  • Pittsburgh, PA (2015 - 2019)
  • Gaines, PA / Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (2019 - 2020)
  • Wellsboro, PA / Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (2020 - Present)

About the Founder

Dave Miller, MyHikes Founder and Admin, grew up in a hilariously-named town in Massachusetts - Belchertown - where he explored the woods and camped at Holland Glen, a favorite local spot.

In 2011 Dave moved to Boston, MA to pursue a degree in Computer Science. After graudating in 2014, he came up with the idea to build "Trailhead" - what would eventually be renamed to MyHikes. Serendipitously, Dave now works on Trailhead.com, which is owned by Salesforce (all opinions here are his own and not those of his employer).

In 2015 Dave moved to Pittsburgh and adopted Jax - an over-reactive shelter dog that couldn't handle being left at home and was too crazy to handle seeing other dogs in public. So to the woods they went!

Jax is Dave's inspiration to continue building out more trail data for MyHikes. The platform has become an escape for Dave and Jax as they're able to find new places to explore, map them, and share them with others.

As of April 2023, Dave has mapped 1,150 unique trails and logged over 2,270 miles onto MyHikes.

Main Contributors

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Admin / Founder (Dave)

Mapping: PA Wilds, New England, and beyond

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Mapping: NH, New England, and beyond

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Mapping: Western MA, New England

Thanks for visiting,
Dave & Jax*

* Jax, the official MyHikes mutt.