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MyHikes is a community driven platform that aims to make trails easier to find for everyone. By using your smartphone, GPS tracking device, or online mapping tools, anyone can upload trails to the site. You can even add trails with no GPS data at all.

MyHikes was an idea that sparked after repeated Google searches for trail addresses led me to think: There must be a better way to do this. The site was built in 2015 for friends-only until it was opened to the public in late 2016. The goal was to make getting to new and old trails easier by adding trails with approximate coordinates for directions and making them available on the web.

For more info or common questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Contact us with questions, concerns, suggestions, or if you just want to drop us some knowledge.

Crowdsourced Trails

MyHikes data comes directly from hikers and backpackers like you. The idea is to grow the site with a community of hikers who want to make finding trails easier.

No Trails Near Me!

You may find that the platform doesn't have any trails in your area, but this is just an opportunity to add trails you know of to make it easier for others. You don't need to get GPS data to add a trail, you simply just need to know some basic information about it.

Supporting the Site

If you find MyHikes useful and want to help support our cause, consider becoming a Supporter or making a small donation.


MyHikes is partnered with Leave No Trace (2018), Columbus Metro Parks (2018), Kestrel Land Trust (2019), and the Austin Dam Memorial Park (2020).

If your organization is interested in partnering with us, feel free to contact MyHikes Founder, Dave Miller.


Unfortunately MyHikes has no sponsors right now, but some operating costs are supplemented by our awesome supporters. If your organization is interested in helping us keeping our lights on while promoting your brand, please contact MyHikes Founder, Dave Miller.

Where We're Located

MyHikes was founded as a private project by Dave Miller ( Admin ) in 2015.

Shortly after MyHikes was first built, Dave moved from Boston to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he lived for 4-years tracking and writing about trails from the area. Pittsburgh was where MyHikes was turned from a private project into a public platform and ultimately where it really started to take shape.

In mid-2019 he moved to the Wellsboro, Pennsylvania area (Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania) where he continues to build out trail data for the site.

- Dave ( Admin )

Main Contributors


PA Wilds, PGH, WV, New England, and Beyond


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NH, New England, and Beyond

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