Site & App Support

Supporter Account Issues

If you paid for a Supporter Account and if Supporter Perks were not enabled automatically, please try the following:

  • If you did not close the PayPal payment page, click the button located on the page, which will bring you back to MyHikes. This should activate your Supporter Account.
  • If you closed the PayPal payment page, then please email myhikes1@gmail.com to have Dave manually activate your Supporter Account.

Tracking on MyHikes apps

If you're having issues tracking your location or creating tracks/trails/hikes on the MyHikes apps for iOS or Android, please check the settings below. All of the settings must be present in order for the app(s) to function properly.

Note: almost all of these settings will be user-enabled prompts when you first open the MyHikes app.


Settings Privacy & Security Location Services Location Service, enabled
Settings MyHikes Location Allow Location Access, "Always"
Settings MyHikes Location Precise Location, enabled
Settings MyHikes Motion & Fitness, enabled
Settings MyHikes Background App Refresh, enabled


Settings Location On / Enabled
Settings Apps MyHikes Notifications Show Notifications, enabled
Settings Apps MyHikes Notifications App icon badges, enabled
Settings Apps MyHikes Permissions Location Allow all the time, checked
Settings Apps MyHikes Permissions Location Use precise location, enabled
Settings Apps MyHikes Physical Activity Allow, checked
Settings Battery Battery Saver Use Battery Saver off
Settings Battery Adaptive Battery Use Adaptive Battery off

App / Website Support Issues

If using the MyHikes app for iOS or Android, make sure your app is completely up-to-date from either the App Store or the Play Store. New versions are released regularly which fix issues like bugs and app crashes.

If updating the app did not solve your problem and you're still having issues, please send a detailed message of what the issue was, including any screenshots, to Dave at myhikes1@gmail.com

All Other Issues

Something else? Please email Dave (MyHikes Founder & Admin) at: myhikes1@gmail.com