Old Supply Trail

Camping Allowed

Dogs (leashed)

The Old Supply Trail at Tioga State Forest in Gaines, Pennsylvania is an easy 7.3-mile out-and-back trail that runs along a mountain ridge between Gaines and Ansonia.

This trail is a drive-able (for forest service vehicles), so the trail itself is easy to follow and generally is not overgrown, even in the Summer. This recording begins at the western trailhead and follows the red blazes (and red/orange arrows) east along the Old Supply Trail to where the trail terminates along Goodall Road.

There is not much to see on the trail except for a large clear-cut area which can be found roughly 1-mile from the western trailhead. This clear-cut area was likely used for logging, but it left the top of the mountain with an interesting landscape.
You'll also find a couple of fenced off areas where the state forest has blocked off access to. There was no signage for why these fences are up, but likely to help the forest regrow after previous logging.

Blazes: Please note that this trail follows newly painted red blazes. It also uses red/orange arrows to help point the way - this is because the trail has a couple of forks which head to the same place. It's best to follow the arrows rather than the blazes, since the arrows will bring you along the well-maintained portion of the trail. If you ignore the arrows and only follow the blazes, you'll end up hiking through some overgrowth.

Bugs: This trail can be buggy, so plan to bring bug spray.

Parking: Parking can be found at the coordinates provided, along Left Asaph Road. You can also park at the eastern trailhead, but the parking lot is only large enough for one vehicle. The parking lot at the western trailhead has room for about three vehicles.

Pets: Dogs are allowed if leashed and their waste must be carried out by the hiker.

Biking: Biking is allowed on this trail.

Camping: While camping is technically allowed in this section of Tioga State Forest, there aren't any obvious places to camp along this trail; however, there are likely plenty of places to setup a tent if you look hard enough.

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7.3 miles
Trail added August 13, 2019

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Old Supply Trail
7.3 Miles

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