Old Supply Trail - Photos

7.3 Miles Easy
Gaines, Pennsylvania
Tioga State Forest

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Old%20supply%20trail%2f5a0e323c d27e 44c6 97e8 8d206f6b10da 20190813134459utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2f42a6af4b 496e 4876 b3f2 6e37ef0cb91d 20190813134502utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2f54bb5e69 489c 4b6d ab57 67b90d4464da 20190813134505utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2fd25d82e6 8be7 4b7d 9b75 ca826ff96380 20190813134555utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2fc39129c2 0cb7 4cf7 9597 2d1e3b39ca42 20190813134557utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2fea6bd4af 0615 4840 9110 86ddbc71bbec 20190813134600utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2f78439965 2f22 42fc 914f 8d367af07a7e 20190813134602utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2fa08abf3b 3f2a 4fd5 b2e0 72b09d3b93d2 20190813134604utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2f67140433 0824 46cd a90b a55139880278 20190813134606utc small
Old%20supply%20trail%2f7bcb02e7 9059 4e86 b47d 03d392c14bcd 20190813134608utc small
Clear-cut about 1.2-miles from western trailhead
Old%20supply%20trail%2f0ac167b3 2ffc 4092 a43e 9cae9500f35b 20190813134611utc small

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