Waihee Ridge Trail - Photos

4.4 Miles Hard
Wailuku, Hawaii

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Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2ff2cfc5f4 d609 437d 96a4 5c83cef6fa29 20190701233644utc small
Main parking lot
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f06558a23 6447 4a78 9e95 3414a5765c8e 20190701233647utc small
Trailhead rules
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2ff6cfc2ac 95ad 4f3b 893b 265a027d4da4 20190701233650utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f712175fc 2728 4397 b8d5 c48e365a7712 20190701233652utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fe2a12455 acf2 4d68 b1b4 08e6b8709478 20190701233655utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f4b1cea37 5984 47f2 b491 f446ba569379 20190701233658utc small
Main gate signs
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f51710027 530e 4e5a 9c22 80be6b700e42 20190701233742utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f0c25ec36 9d15 4091 9202 d6268d238818 20190701233745utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f9bba3a48 fde4 43cd 9971 85af6864348d 20190701233747utc small
Makamaka'ole Falls in the distance
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f4ff2583c 456d 4c4c 982a 75ef4a003faa 20190701233749utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fa93cb36b 1e04 4124 8414 d3fe55690b7f 20190701233751utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f1e5281c5 3981 405a 8c93 f82a6979f32b 20190701233753utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f73f1a8bb 4564 4c06 8136 ac88efcd2b97 20190701233756utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fa286389a 5c7a 4eda 8b31 1005f1af8931 20190701233758utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fca8fb982 1d5c 4d50 bb64 682ae3ba6a1e 20190701233843utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f83a7b510 552b 4d00 9f2e 74b918266c9e 20190701233845utc small
Approaching 1st vista
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f962e3ad1 f731 4296 971c cf7a23a14019 20190701233847utc small
1st vista
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fc913eed2 d5a6 4557 8bcd 010088cc1ce7 20190701233849utc small
1st vista - Upper Makamaka'ole Falls in the distance
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f100ef3cb 2016 4cf3 9ce0 13f4b8e02361 20190701233852utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fb1da233f 6120 4abf 9795 db776e5e1a7a 20190701233854utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f7cf0ac71 9ab6 4f81 a364 c2a7a298192c 20190701233856utc small
Vista point with a view of Haleakala, central Maui, and the neighboring mountains
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f469f2279 1828 40b9 a89e 1d30abf291c8 20190701233858utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f88b03ed7 8990 4a91 b4ff 1c2ea2999631 20190701233901utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f122cbee6 c8d0 4eb1 85cd 50687b26943a 20190701233949utc small
2nd vista point w/massive waterfall in the mountains
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f759d258a 41a8 4e01 bc93 77fe55780335 20190701233951utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f2f586a8b 9ac8 4bf0 9458 47d2a2c7fa44 20190701233954utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f455562d0 a620 4381 ba83 ae53e79ec7d7 20190701233956utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f7429f2a6 d3ea 4a15 834d 3fecec372e65 20190701233958utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f01f830c8 1408 4ee8 8bc7 2103b00bd84f 20190701234000utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f8723e8c4 ff3c 4dac 8dda e7485b04718e 20190701234002utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f34becc75 b8a3 420b b2e3 e81972c7708c 20190701234004utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f04ff6b6d f669 4558 a6fc 33feb192141b 20190701234006utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f8fd6f225 87b5 46f1 b40c 4969f439ab90 20190701234009utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f26901cfb d565 4992 80a1 b2a486afefa4 20190701234054utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2faf25b800 17f0 4fe1 a741 78f1fcd6e07d 20190701234056utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f05bd14fb bfab 4cf6 bdc9 17ccafe76b46 20190701234058utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fb4077d6f 21bd 40b3 ab81 c3aad560ba91 20190701234100utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f0435dfad 2f23 4401 bc83 72a2d05e2de0 20190701234102utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f3323c9f7 3757 4bd0 b8d5 3c833ae5d727 20190701234105utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f272902e2 c9e3 4dd7 9b1c ea98d419ef38 20190701234107utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f73c36112 bb9e 4c66 aa6e dd0ec10f8e73 20190701234109utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f3a0a0fc8 f29e 4b6e b533 883e581fccdd 20190701234111utc small
Vista on the ridge of the mountain
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f94af71f4 a1ac 4469 8aec 3645632e6331 20190701234113utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fe1d70201 8ea0 46bf 92fe fc2914743401 20190701234209utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fa7bc1e2a db7b 4204 b3b0 9b8d10b5b7de 20190701234212utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f981a51f4 79b6 48bf 8561 f8c49b21b899 20190701234214utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f681e7aad 2a5c 4d8f b7b5 6e6598fda587 20190701234217utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2ff81a2725 eaf0 4b04 b1d1 86781c571fa1 20190701234219utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f8333eceb a0ae 4abf 9d0e 92d741cd8f80 20190701234221utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f32f74c5a ca39 4f66 9121 36b10c3569b4 20190701234223utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2ffe791aa1 67bc 42dc 9c93 5a9979d2d0b8 20190701234226utc small
Tiny white dot is a helicopter
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fb867165f d895 4a7b aaff 323c28e6dee7 20190701234228utc small
Tiny white dot is a helicopter
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fcf9f4e9f 1e55 4365 bb88 52e222017d00 20190701234230utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2faa9b419e 2b29 48bd a9d6 bf5c0d984bd5 20190701234232utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f3d6b58a8 b943 4e3f bce8 0e9ecfb03801 20190701234312utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f77582ae8 ef55 476f 80a1 53058a47b244 20190701234315utc small
At the summit - heading back down
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f3a1748c0 65da 4877 bd88 ca6be784d992 20190701234317utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fd0e1724f a4c1 4ca9 9f06 007d2f765c42 20190701234319utc small
Eucalyptus trees around mile 1.6
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f6d20d991 c981 4712 baeb 192ca67c1a65 20190701234321utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f7fc8d994 2b12 45c3 8b72 a39712f3e436 20190701234324utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f5ada0db2 5eaa 4916 a7c5 b067f01bd256 20190701234327utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f3f78b6d5 f299 469d aaf7 18ac5cee629c 20190701234329utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2fa17dc3b3 a2ad 497a 8d88 f0fbe4dfbb14 20190701234331utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f156d01f4 f1dd 42a9 936a 4e99e949784c 20190701234333utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f1755d5f8 a7e2 484c ae73 4593abc6782b 20190701234335utc small
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f58f67da4 2b31 4f9a 8b00 270197812e14 20190701234338utc small
Eucalyptus trees between 1st and 2nd lookout points
Waihee%20ridge%20trail%2f2b490594 3e23 415c b89b 54a61266626e 20190701234339utc small

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