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Album Added: September 30, 2017

1000%20steps%2fimg 0543 20170930203110utc small
Trailhead on PA 22
1000%20steps%2fimg 0546 20170930203118utc small
1000%20steps%2fimg 0549 20170930203125utc small
Climbing the steps
1000%20steps%2fimg 0550 20170930203127utc small
1000%20steps%2fimg 0552 20170930203129utc small
1000%20steps%2fimg 0553 20170930203131utc small
1000th step but not the last
1000%20steps%2fimg 0555 20170930203134utc small
Train car shed
1000%20steps%2fimg 0556 20170930203136utc small
Inside old train car shed
1000%20steps%2fimg 0558 20170930203137utc small
View above the train car shed
1000%20steps%2fimg 0562 20170930203139utc small
Ledge Quarry Overlook
1000%20steps%2fimg 0564 20170930203141utc small
Ledge Quarry Overlook
1000%20steps%2fimg 0567 20170930203143utc small
Vista point
1000%20steps%2fimg 0570 20170930203148utc small
1000%20steps%2fimg 0574 20170930203154utc small
Quarry Overlook (east)
1000%20steps%2fimg 0576 20170930203156utc small
Quarry Overlook (east)
1000%20steps%2fimg 0577 20170930203158utc small
Vista point
1000%20steps%2fimg 4559 20170930204331utc small

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