Sand Run Falls Hike - Photos

3.5 Miles Easy
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Tioga State Forest

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Trailhead gate
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Foot traffic only. No horses or biking
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Creek crossing
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Short but very wide waterfall along Rattlesnake creek
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Short but very wide waterfall along Rattlesnake Creek
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Short but very wide waterfall along Rattlesnake Creek
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Wild ramps
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f25d3e7a5 6da4 4dea 90b5 884b343bdc1d 20200402193936utc small
Rock ledges near wide waterfall
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2fd992288b ae1e 4a8a 8ccf 3c657432ef80 20200402193939utc small
Campsite atop Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f1d3251aa b745 4c62 a525 ffdce7f6201f 20200402193943utc small
Top of Sand Run Falls
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Sand Run falls from the Mid State Trail
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Rock ledges near wide waterfall
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f354e7255 db70 45cf 8d4e 3805bbb8fe33 20200402194135utc small
Ropes leading down to the Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2fe95f7cdf 78aa 4846 bb8b b87f005ee93f 20200402194136utc small
Heading down to the waterfall
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2fc1099493 7585 4831 86d4 3ef5f18c899d 20200402194140utc small
Campsite at the base of Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f00d66f9d d89c 411f bf78 7657f0ce4511 20200402194143utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f8bda87de fd41 4b9f 9551 505b9c0e8604 20200402194147utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f3156cc81 dbad 49b7 b6a9 2063a250a89b 20200402194149utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f0b3a21cc 3206 4c9a a712 fbd056b6709f 20200402194215utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2fdb921792 87bf 4f5a 952e 4b8a50240b38 20200402194217utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f01c65c49 0a8a 4d6c a684 9062e0501b2e 20200402194220utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f88bc4c61 4afd 4a0a 9f88 1ae762dea01b 20200402194224utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f04792373 b213 4de4 abdd 91e307d9440c 20200402194225utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f660e829c 03f6 42bd bd9c 6f33601144fb 20200402194311utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2fae43b851 bdd4 43ed 8fe5 a4e19bba3fd6 20200402194315utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f19c787df 3efd 4dd4 b679 08502679e1aa 20200402194317utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2fc1c1c121 ea59 42f7 a35d 46ad44c1c167 20200402194320utc small
Ropes leading up the hillside
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f351dce2b a1bf 4d6f 8c4a 55c64ba4ad9b 20200402194321utc small
Campsite next to Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f06ff1a10 068b 4f0f b6c1 14e82c924aa6 20200402194325utc small
Sand Run Falls
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f2d1fc737 ef79 40fb 83ca c25e11bb8ef7 20200402194443utc small
Rock ledges along Sand Run Creek
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f8b19846d 89d0 4605 8eab 2526f7d2e084 20200402194446utc small
Hiking back uphill from the waterfall
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2ff9e75d78 b8f3 4e13 8145 9e739cd3be64 20200402194450utc small
Sand%20run%20falls%20hike%2f83d2449e 8392 4362 9b68 b66adc6a78f8 20200402194454utc small
Right-hand turn here

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