Rim Trail Colton Point - Photos

1.5 Miles Easy
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Colton Point State Park

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1st lookout
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fba2357c4 9714 49d0 8e10 c169e98955df 20190604124020utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fba57ec8e a5fa 480b 9f69 eaac531892f1 20190604124022utc small
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Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fc2b64b72 6349 49e1 a1f4 06e15d7e8b98 20190604124029utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f441c8e3d 91b8 46c0 ab8a 7771e4059bad 20190604124031utc small
2nd lookout
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f2c4fde7b 7138 454a b8cf eeb5fdf2eede 20190604124034utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f18e53dea a349 4478 8ad9 1f1e11936f7c 20190604124129utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fc8f7be25 4184 47dc b4bb e870c073cb7b 20190604124132utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f354e23a9 422d 429e 9ead 5a0bfecba23d 20190604124134utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f96152b82 2018 4201 9011 877f6d3c5f5a 20190604124137utc small
3rd lookout
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f4d2742ef 418a 4afc 8c48 636e8b9ddf93 20190604124139utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f3d6a4099 8127 4127 9fa8 8e54b4042a2a 20190604124141utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f742f7311 5668 4305 8f9c d722a8c98d5d 20190604124144utc small
4th lookout - Leonard Harrison Lookout across the canyon
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f423613e1 c473 4fc8 a090 ba55e4722faa 20190604124146utc small
Leonard Harrison State Park Lookout above
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fdc12de68 2b9f 4bc7 96af 13746cdcade9 20190604124148utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2ffccb94ea 623a 4ff5 bf8f ca421e4b0ca9 20190604124150utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f7db245d3 146e 4e2a 9ff7 d66d9e208de8 20190604124152utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f1bc9c628 7c99 4b1f afdb dd87c42a9ac5 20190604124155utc small
Take a left for the spur view
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f489d7a9f 6dbc 455f b9cd b472fd900cca 20190604124328utc small
View from the spur with Leonard Harrison SP and birds of prey
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fa511aeaa 945e 4c02 82fd 3b7c4a21d39c 20190604124331utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fdf61c27f 9891 4d7b bd19 a9e93cc4da5f 20190604124333utc small
Heading back up the spur
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f99f34871 bec7 46b7 965e d5271a15832d 20190604124335utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fdc6d6292 75a8 4d41 9574 54a3642b93fb 20190604124338utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fd4c0ce7d 840d 48e6 a3fd b822c1c20d30 20190604124340utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fee0754b6 5e27 468c 8a09 fb8a5eef6499 20190604124342utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f01598828 652b 4ac0 922c 4f5652f3fa00 20190604124345utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2fbb21ce7a a36d 43e2 a597 ecf371ec95f2 20190604124347utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f91164354 d507 44e0 ad22 23e18d9a9777 20190604124350utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f8a867b96 d089 4d2d 8b84 f03895e25763 20190604124353utc small
Rim%20trail%20colton%20point%2f846492c4 dfe2 42a0 98a1 1519304a908d 20190604124355utc small

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