Olivine Pools Trail - Photos

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Album Added: August 16, 2018

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0.4 Miles Moderate

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Lookout at cliff's edge
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Olivine%20pools%20trail%2f166bd568 d28b 4836 8f0d 9df03816c807 20180817034713utc small
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2fb3bdabc2 911d 4c0f 82bc 74512f478082 20180817034715utc small
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2fd9f544ed 94d1 4b92 a04d a3d47a83fdb3 20180817034718utc small
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2f30197897 d5bb 4d59 a752 6eda068529a2 20180817034720utc small
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2f808670b3 ad83 4c88 8efb 1d83149550cc 20180817034721utc small
View of the pools from above
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2f7b40cc29 6a9f 4e83 8810 30db7ee134fb 20180817034723utc small
Olivine Pools
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2fec5186e4 d1e8 4170 a1bc 178a13ce73c4 20180817034725utc small
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2f9afb0f93 4ac7 42f5 94ba b171885703a0 20180817034726utc small
Hike back up from the pools
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2fd828b4a0 359f 4ea7 ad42 85197cfc9a09 20180817034728utc small
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2f62443fad 4d27 45bd 877c 9c9fdbb5c0bf 20180817034729utc small
Left or right both lead to the pools
Olivine%20pools%20trail%2folivine%20pools%20trail%20map 20190128154859utc small

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