Mt Nessmuk Feb 26 2023 - Photos

Album Added: February 26, 2023

Mt Nessmuk trailhead (Stone Trail)
Evergreens line the Stone Trail as it leads out along Mt. Nessmuk
Broken Axe Trail trailhead
Icy puddles
Jax on the trail
For hunters - downed trees are meant to block from driving any further (when the gate is open)
Jax on the trail surrounded by mountain laurel
Junction with red-blazed trail out to Mt. Nessmuk vista
Large boulder along the trail
Large boulder for bouldering
Hunting ladders (one super old - wood, one more modern)
Mt. Nessmuk Vista
Mt. Nessmuk Vista (Asaph and Ansonia villages below)
Mt. Nessmuk Vista
Mt. Nessmuk Vista
Explore the Trail:
6.3 Miles
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Tioga State Forest