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The Goodnough Dike Loop Trail at Quabbin Reservoir in Ware, Massachusetts is an easy 1.8 mile trail that runs atop the Goodnough Dike and back to parking.

The trail, which is technically a service road, starts off at the gate to Goodnough Dike and quickly hits a fork in the trail. Stay left to get views of Quabbin Reservoir, but if you stay right at the fork, you'll first hike downhill behind the dike.

By staying left at the fork, you'll pass the Nature Walk Trail at Quabbin just after the first turn. As you reach the first major turn in the trail, which lies closer to the water, you'll find a picnic table with a small series of trails that heads down to the water. You can find a nice spot to sit by the water by exploring these little trails.

Continuing on, the trail will eventually run atop the dike and you'll get views of the reservoir. At the far end of this loop lies the Gate 50 Trail - The Wall, which is a longer hike down Gate 50 and out to a cliff-edge nicknamed "The Wall". After reaching the far end of the dike, the trail will head downhill and it'll run behind the dike before climbing uphill and back to parking.

This is one of the more popular hikes at Quabbin, but due to the 2 mile length (either loop or out-and-back), it makes it slightly less popular than the Winsor Dam trail.

Parking: Parking can be found at the dirt lot adjacent to the Goodnough Dike gate entrance.

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1.8 miles
Trail added June 17, 2018

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Goodnough Dike Loop Trail
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