Dolly Sods Loop

Dolly Sods Loop

7.5 Miles Moderate

Monongahela National Forest
Near Davis, West Virginia


This moderate 7.5 mile loop trail brings you through the Dolly Sods Wilderness on 3 different trails: Bear Rocks Trail (TR522), Dobbin Grade Trail (TR526), and Raven Ridge Trail (TR521).

You'll encounter uphills and downhills, but none of them are steep or too long to climb, so it's an easier hike than anticipated.
You'll be amazed by the scenery and views, even on the flat parts of the trail.

Dolly Sods also provides some of the darkest night skies on the east coast, so it makes for a great place to shoot the Milky Way.

There are plenty of pre-built fire pits along the way, so camping is made easy here; however, beware that hillsides may look like they're camp-able, until you hike out to find that they're covered in the same blueberry shrubs - it's very difficult to tell what's shrubs and what's grass out here.

Note: in the southern section of the GPS data where the Raven Ridge trail heads north, we hiked beyond the trail in search of a campsite, which can be found in the picture markers. So the data is slightly off here.

Hazards: Dolly Sods was used as a bombing training ground during WWII and people have discovered live rounds. If you see any, do not touch or temper with them. Make note of where you found it and alert authorities when you're back in civilization. Chances are you won't come across any of these things.


Camping Allowed
Dogs (leashed)
Water Source

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39.063972, -79.302917
N 39º 3' 50.298" , W 79º 18' 10.5"
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390 '
Elevation Change
1096 '
Elevation Gain
1082 '
Elevation Loss

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Dolly Sods Loop
7.5 Miles

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