Barbour Rock Trail - Photos

1.0 Mile Moderate
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Tioga State Forest

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Barbour%20rock%20trail%2fb590d0a4 670e 481d 9eb3 20211faf63fd 20190604173106utc small
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2f4f3a6201 8285 451e 9682 230db6c7c28e 20190604173108utc small
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2f69d35c10 be25 4d68 9ee4 3461a14d272e 20190604173111utc small
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2fa1f2bf0f dd68 479f 9167 f876b23e5e11 20190604173113utc small
3rd lookout along West Rim Trail
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2f2edd6f3e 229e 43aa ba01 62a2eb4f6376 20190604173116utc small
3rd lookout along West Rim Trail
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2f7a04c02a a7b7 4347 9b41 6f680218c74b 20190604173118utc small
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2f40abb9c9 05ea 4d7f 9177 7e5866fcf696 20190604173119utc small
2nd lookout
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2f5c273b08 d87b 4ce7 9857 0077f21bd380 20190604173121utc small
2nd lookout
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2f2f739ba1 1f5a 4c7a 9a52 871a26ef1a32 20190604173125utc small
2nd lookout
Barbour%20rock%20trail%2f04865c8d 4c78 493f bdcb 37051194af56 20190604173128utc small
1st lookout - accessible

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