Tully Trail to Spirit Falls - Photos

3.4 Miles Moderate
Royalston, Massachusetts

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Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f48caf824 a6e2 4c6d b230 faeabc7f90b2 20181230164216utc small
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f7e881818 73be 487e 970b e3058b075350 20181230164218utc small
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f5ca3125c 51cc 41ac 9392 47fbeccb984a 20181230164220utc small
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f540bbc32 6ed9 435b 878f f62c0515e1dd 20181230164223utc small
View south of East Branch of Tully River
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f5d7a8121 536d 4104 9864 ddfeb33a8d68 20181230164225utc small
View south of East Branch of Tully River
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2fa8acafd8 e83e 49e4 920e b0ba99e95598 20181230164226utc small
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2fcaae0f2b 7f26 42f8 a7a0 123c49ea3063 20181230164308utc small
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f5880b9f6 59aa 4363 8bf7 99f13f2c1408 20181230164310utc small
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2fab9844a8 b673 4fef 8c8c 23fc62dbd739 20181230164311utc small
View of Long Pond
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f2d6d3091 93df 4620 8d19 df464859363c 20181230164313utc small
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f9ad46581 3500 497d b5e7 8254dcadb2c4 20181230164314utc small
Right-hand turn to Spirit Falls (red blazes)
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2ff9df4723 0e89 442f abe8 4c36df1b1502 20181230164317utc small
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2fdaa7c781 825c 4dea b49d 86cce6cfabec 20181230164349utc small
Spirit Falls
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f32904cee f26a 4116 9898 9fcd0adac293 20181230164350utc small
Spirit Falls
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f8d452326 f8de 42b5 b52f 5e75e417bb59 20181230164353utc small
Spirit Falls
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f564129bb e14c 4661 8808 b8ab31503fd7 20181230164354utc small
Spirit Falls
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f69ea67db 86da 4c2e a03e c058c8d75f2f 20181230164355utc small
Spirit Falls
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f34d4eddb cf29 47b2 a077 7dd3a1eddd47 20181230164356utc small
Spirit Falls
Tully%20trail%20to%20spirit%20falls%2f065a4ac1 b0e1 4b57 96c2 59ffad6ae761 20181230164358utc small
Spirit Falls

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