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Album Added: August 27, 2017

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Strip%20district%2fimg 4457 20170827153653utc small
Strip%20district%2fimg 4458 20170827153656utc small
Strip%20district%2f7e545406 24c3 4ed3 a048 cbedd9fa70c1 20180203153659utc small
View of 16th Street Bridge
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View of Mt Washington and Pittsburgh's bridges
Strip%20district%2fdc5964a1 f16b 4850 b003 4c22afff52d4 20180203153702utc small
Detour along trail in 2018
Strip%20district%2feb834bdc b777 4ac0 bcf1 9c1f39c6c10a 20180203153703utc small
View of Pittsburgh along trail detour (2018)
Strip%20district%2fthree%20rivers%20heritage%20trail%20 %20strip%20district%20map%20(1) 20190402013748utc small
Strip%20district%2fthree%20rivers%20heritage%20trail%20 %20strip%20district%20map 20190402013748utc small

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