Ship Harbor trail

Ship Harbor trail

1.5 Miles Easy

Acadia National Park
Near Southwest Harbor, Maine


The Ship Harbor Trail at Acadia National Park, near Bar Harbor, Maine is an easy 1.3 mile loop hike along the coast of Acadia and through a coniferous forest in the park. The trail has various points where you can exit to head down to the ocean, where you can fish (with a state license), or soak up the views of Acadia's coastline. The water runs a deep blue mixed with greens and often looks like tropical waters, but the water temperature along the coast is quite frigid.

This is a great trail for a day hike and is located within a few miles of Acadia campgrounds; however, this section of Acadia is a bit further away from Bar Harbor and other attractions at Acadia like the Beehive and Cadillac Mountain.


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44.256001, -68.298347
N 44º 15' 21.606" , W 68º 17' 54.048"
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123 '
Elevation Change
454 '
Elevation Gain
486 '
Elevation Loss

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1.5 miles
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1.5 miles