Rock Run Trail - Photos

1.5 Miles Moderate
Galeton, Pennsylvania
Lyman Run State Park
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Parking lot
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Hike west along the road to find the Rock Run Trail trailhead
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Small waterfall along Rock Run
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Small waterfall along Rock Run
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Rock%20run%20trail%2f00be9f8e fe9d 4159 aaef f9da9eccf340 20190531151345utc small
Lyman Lake Vista point
Rock%20run%20trail%2f2ab43eda fbee 4b4e 9f09 6337c111a2bb 20190531151347utc small
Lyman Lake Vista point
Rock%20run%20trail%2f56441362 4674 4ae0 a0b5 387d10f93845 20190531151414utc small
Lyman Lake Vista point
Rock%20run%20trail%2fb9e7ed5d c394 4a93 8594 298868a400c5 20190531151417utc small
Lyman Lake Vista point

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