2.0 Miles / 3.2 km
Time to Hike:
1 hour
PA Wilds
Surface Type:
Susquehannock State Forest
Austin, Pennsylvania
41.669885, -78.088566
March 22, 2022
March 25, 2022

The Ridge Trail near Austin Dam Memorial Park in Austin, Pennsylvania is a moderate 2-mile trail to connect the Austin Dam Memorial Park to the Odin Hoxie Trail. This hiking trail transverses across the eastern ridgeline above the Austin Dam Memorial Park to the northeast to the junction with the Odin Hoxie Trail.  A favorite of this hike is a side-hill slope journey through an impressive stand of old-growth pine at the woodland draft on the hillside across the highway parking turnout.

The northern terminus of this hiking trail begins on the ridgeline at the junction with the the Odin Hoxie Trail. The northern section of this track generally follows the ridgeline and treks along state forest boundary lands (borders blazed with white) that are adjoined by private land to the east and to south on this boundary. This tracks follows on a gradually ascending and descending ridgeline that leads to southwest and finishes through an old-growth pine forest as the hiker descends from the high ridge to the parking area along PA Route 872 just north of the Austin Dam Memorial Park.

At the time of this initial publishing, a suitable footpath through an old-growth pine forest is yet to be defined. Additional scouting hikes are needed to track this section of the hike. At it stands, the hike from the southern terminus at the parking area along PA Route 872 up to the ridgeline terminus shown on the map should be considered to be a scramble for a one-half-mile-ascent following the pine forest woodland draft to the ridgeline pathway. Note that the total mileage here (approx. 2-miles) includes this scramble section that was left out of the GPS track.

Hikers can find parking at the coordinates provided; next to the trailhead, along PA Route 872about one-half-mile north of the Austin Dam Memorial Park. This Ridge Trail connects to the Odin Hoxie Trail.

Dogs are allowed if leashed.

Camping is permitted in Austin Dam Memorial Park and also on the state forest lands (borders blazed with white). No suitable campsites were identified along this short connector trail. For dispersed and primitive camping in other areas of the state forest, please follow the state forest rules and regulations and only camp on state lands.

Private Land
The northern section of this trail treks along state forest boundary lands (borders blazed with white) that are adjoined by private land to the east and to south on this boundary. Please respect the land owners and stay on the trail at all times.

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  1. Parking

    41.669885, -78.088566
  2. Main Trailhead

    41.673365, -78.083171
  3. Open Forest (Private)

    41.680835, -78.069758
    Open Forest (Private)
  4. Top Of Pine Grove Draft

    41.673351, -78.083123
    Top Of Pine Grove Draft
  5. Pathway at Top Of Pine Grove Draft

    41.673949, -78.080611
    Pathway at Top Of Pine Grove Draft
  6. Trail Treadway

    41.676003, -78.073811
    Trail Treadway
  7. Ridge Trail Junction

    41.682932, -78.071309
    Ridge Trail Junction
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2.0 miles / 3.2 km
Trail added
March 22, 2022
Hiked on
March 22, 2022
Updated on
March 25, 2022

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