Quabbin Gate 3A - Photos

1.6 Miles Easy
Belchertown, Massachusetts
Quabbin Reservoir

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Stay right
Quabbin%20gate%203a%2f01c2d601 99a6 43fb a4db 647cf5ba0f81 20180806012500utc small
Stay left
Quabbin%20gate%203a%2f165e1a47 d0eb 4724 93ac 5af70798a5ad 20180806012503utc small
Quabbin%20gate%203a%2f60fa11c9 68ce 4783 a6cd 7853896d4c2a 20180806012505utc small
Quabbin%20gate%203a%2f82890f6a dad0 4b51 92c3 9b3991d68eb8 20180806012507utc small
View of Winsor Dam and the fire tower
Quabbin%20gate%203a%2f110cf514 8aa0 489a a7b0 111512c879fa 20180806012509utc small

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