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Album Added: July 06, 2019

For Trail:
4.0 Miles Moderate

Pipiwai%20trail%2f81ddc09b 3f21 4add baab 825b48690996 20190707025557utc small
Makahiku Falls
Pipiwai%20trail%2fad9e6055 e519 42f0 b76e 7392a6dc07f1 20190707025559utc small
Makahiku Falls
Pipiwai%20trail%2ffe4ffb82 65ee 4191 ba75 815da48b361f 20190707025602utc small
Makahiku Falls
Pipiwai%20trail%2f8c2f0d0e e3b4 4ef6 9713 fbf6e3d1310d 20190707025603utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f818fc867 958d 49e1 a2b8 e5281eaf6306 20190707025605utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f65d9fe87 2f71 44b1 bc8c c3d4c017762c 20190707025607utc small
Banyan tree
Pipiwai%20trail%2fe076e95d 7816 4c80 b88b ae75a08086a6 20190707025610utc small
Banyan tree
Pipiwai%20trail%2ff595d333 4b88 4779 9e8f 5ecdc99d97d3 20190707025612utc small
Waterfall cascades along the trail below footbridge
Pipiwai%20trail%2ff32967df f4e3 4676 85c7 c513c01eba62 20190707025613utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fa15ae114 6084 47f1 a6b4 c4797ba84e5c 20190707025615utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f1b3ed079 6964 4e98 a67e c451408adf1b 20190707025617utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f07eacd05 6dc2 41ec 8322 1aac734a8205 20190707025620utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f064a9817 607f 4236 a5cd 78b40442fe7a 20190707025709utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f75f786ba 7941 4ab2 94c5 dab5b38a07eb 20190707025711utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f80bbfe0d 7b13 4611 9dd6 f9f19d8a42dc 20190707025714utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2ffb24bb14 9679 45ca 96ae 34b2cd28e077 20190707025716utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fc7a08e17 9057 4535 8fda 4d9cbe855961 20190707025717utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fe24be277 2154 4594 b061 d5885c03a44e 20190707025720utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f58407d8e fe1b 46a5 a218 ee92dcdfdac1 20190707025722utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fa0e4ee0a a942 481d 9371 0fd045dff98f 20190707025724utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2ff7469a54 2497 4888 bc98 0a897d8fa8af 20190707025727utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f09b945ff 4fc9 4b67 bc55 a9aeb7d55243 20190707025728utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f6d3fd592 6b92 4a86 b8c7 f861fc5e27ac 20190707025730utc small
Bamboo Forest
Pipiwai%20trail%2f82d8206e 5316 4eab ab67 9e719c15a19c 20190707025830utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fc0b0932d 7193 4906 8728 116001aa768b 20190707025833utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fe036dd7b a05a 44c0 94d5 586b5c25f459 20190707025835utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f6c53c601 8921 43cd a5ed 4274f0606095 20190707025837utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f0c418bfb 4172 4b9c 983a b13004d1f422 20190707025840utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f1200ffe5 cf32 4e80 8cd4 b9f469e9b598 20190707025842utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fc69ac2ff 880e 43a8 9132 39eeb93f4ddc 20190707025845utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fd2623654 30e1 459b 8b9d f2dcedd00956 20190707025852utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f505df964 3cd8 4ca3 a76e 764625e5cf16 20190707025854utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2ffea71b0f 1aaa 41a9 8405 cddcd6d9ae85 20190707025856utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f569f2392 2355 481d a312 9ece2d1ccc97 20190707025859utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fcf0e54ea b1a0 41d7 a52c bf72a844419f 20190707025901utc small
Waimoku Falls
Pipiwai%20trail%2f4714380b a0e7 475b aec9 7be9089cf306 20190707030004utc small
Waimoku Falls before the creek crossing
Pipiwai%20trail%2fb797c0db 6c30 457a b133 21ae801ba2fb 20190707030006utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fb377fddb 913d 4b4c a245 5d0fdf024d46 20190707030009utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2ff4be9a2e c93e 434e 9ac6 adfc8ba83592 20190707030010utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fd24d7914 8de7 4483 a586 4833ffd91b18 20190707030013utc small
Waimoku Falls before 2nd creek crossing
Pipiwai%20trail%2ff0ddbaff 1d73 4481 a1e9 286a55556bd6 20190707030014utc small
Waimoku Falls before 2nd creek crossing
Pipiwai%20trail%2f6a5acbf4 7c7a 4566 9f80 5cab60c95190 20190707030016utc small
Waimoku Falls before 2nd creek crossing
Pipiwai%20trail%2fb9ebe2de 109b 40c4 9f43 db78b76f1ac5 20190707030019utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fe7bf5cf9 6e8d 4669 b0e9 000cf4cacf26 20190707030026utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f27d41317 3c07 4aff a5f5 5c3ef3adc52c 20190707030028utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f20fa657a 658a 44d5 9bdb 8692d0fdc878 20190707030029utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f70f8dcab 7573 4a73 870c 0f9837f8a670 20190707030107utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fb73cce72 4b49 4636 928d 0b7c22bb5d89 20190707030109utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f266e29a0 a600 4e0a bf8e bd08de3c07e2 20190707030114utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2fb1120929 4978 4b51 a027 e82e04f4036e 20190707030117utc small
Pipiwai%20trail%2f7f120200 de4a 498e ae3b 926147d44d47 20190707030120utc small

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