New England Peace Pagoda Trail - Photos

1.0 Mile Easy
Leverett, Massachusetts

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View from the pagoda
New%20england%20peace%20pagoda%20trail%2f37cc46cb 44ad 43ea 8dbd a93b2276ef38 20181229235906utc small
New England Peace Pagoda
New%20england%20peace%20pagoda%20trail%2f1a389535 f732 46b6 9d85 a9186559c5be 20181229235907utc small
New%20england%20peace%20pagoda%20trail%2f707fc809 cace 4e37 835d b2665dcd5d60 20181229235909utc small
New%20england%20peace%20pagoda%20trail%2f795854aa 5b03 46f5 9895 7d29a6d7c5b7 20181229235911utc small
New%20england%20peace%20pagoda%20trail%2f1168ae95 a49e 4086 9c4e c57f752283a3 20181229235913utc small

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