Little Slate Run Trail - Photos

0.4 Miles Easy
Elk Township, Pennsylvania
Tioga State Forest

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Creek crossing
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Campsite with fire ring
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Creek crossing
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Creek crossing
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Little%20slate%20run%20trail%2f0b6af6cc 36d1 4cc0 a4e6 f7ebfe0e615a 20200116184126utc small
Little%20slate%20run%20trail%2f7f1b89c4 06fa 4bed 9681 b304e04208ea 20200116184128utc small
Two yellow blazes at the eastern terminus
Little%20slate%20run%20trail%2f12627ebd 4531 49a1 aa28 4a7242a75bdc 20200116184131utc small
Eastern trailhead at the West Rim Trail

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