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Album Added: October 29, 2020

Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f64525ee3 7191 4ac0 9bf3 d101b14e8c05 20201029135539utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f038e96f0 08e1 4b94 af2d a2ce61124a5a 20201029135542utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f88c91650 2075 473c a510 7233e2550f34 20201029135545utc small
Old barrels rotting away
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f649b68d5 4e4b 4967 9543 5fef8318cf78 20201029135547utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f60672970 719d 4422 acf4 fc7b816d5bfd 20201029135614utc small
Parking area along Quehanna Highway
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f66639610 1dfb 4a9f b532 491b7d97a8be 20201029135617utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fe311d7f5 23ea 423a 8e10 992ff2a9dfcc 20201029135619utc small
Jax approaching the vista
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f2abe40be b3f9 44a0 9b2a d23f1a366418 20201029135645utc small
1st vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f20f2ec35 2794 4ae0 8458 c690f23f990d 20201029135648utc small
1st vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f7d129906 12b4 4115 a3ec f5ac8089fa51 20201029135649utc small
1st vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f33cf76b9 43d1 43ae ae34 ecb439bef006 20201029135723utc small
1st vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f292f70c7 deb8 4cc7 8340 a2277c61099a 20201029135725utc small
1st vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fd07ba0ed 7f15 43de bfff 0a3130cc8223 20201029135728utc small
1st vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f04cedb48 d64b 4f28 876f 2e07b87cf577 20201029135806utc small
1st vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f8bf86183 edb1 459c b9d3 aa9ff6e4e2fa 20201029135809utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f841786b3 e7c4 4bd6 a3c5 4fa1804854c4 20201029135812utc small
1st vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f8f5428a2 92d9 498c 9a55 46f108c1ee8c 20201029135834utc small
Massive rocky outcropping below the vista
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f750c5145 7c83 4c28 89d7 ea76a281311c 20201029135836utc small
View from below the actual vista point
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f980aa2e9 8104 46af bbd0 5c4a4ed5bd7c 20201029135839utc small
Massive rocky outcropping below the vista
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f0b6795cb 7900 450a 9323 de69bb8569d7 20201029135953utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fb41ed724 3670 45e0 a4b8 38bc4969b8d2 20201029135956utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fbe43d4f9 ef7e 431a 8390 ba86fe71fd25 20201029135958utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f9c9b4108 eff0 47be 8016 8795bd6f480b 20201029140031utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2ffcdb6ade 4c2d 4dca aa86 47afec032b90 20201029140032utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f0a2e4d98 4307 4c06 8d8f c435b728a1eb 20201029140034utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f6106d6c6 1ee9 423e a948 ae9ba1fa8d71 20201029140101utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f06cff08a 5391 4ac2 8dc0 eee27002adab 20201029140103utc small
Creek crossing
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fad98a0b3 4f9c 4a94 b99c 14ee11640ba5 20201029140106utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f37ad6fb5 5d47 46ad 9be2 25e726246fbb 20201029140148utc small
Right-hand turn to stay on outer loop - Teaberry Loop Trail
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fae81bed1 fb48 44f8 a055 83531f33afd9 20201029140150utc small
Balancing Rock Overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f00724b5b 815a 48d3 8448 d108ca003b38 20201029140153utc small
View from Balancing Rock Overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f49180545 8556 4199 8359 fae5f5f0047e 20201029140405utc small
View from Balancing Rock Overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f0249a884 6288 49a7 9dce 81483e1a4100 20201029140408utc small
Under Balancing Rock Overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f2967cb2a 44a4 4694 9c33 5a508772a191 20201029140408utc small
Under Balancing Rock Overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f16a2b2bb a804 4010 a146 e075a81ab531 20201029140409utc small
3rd vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2ffb87f3bb 69d8 4cef 9e31 241fe4c5721c 20201029140534utc small
3rd vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f7f4ae4df 4303 4f84 ae85 0b861481e6cb 20201029140537utc small
3rd vista / overlook
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f5f28b2ce 7a33 4a70 8644 51894691c0a0 20201029140539utc small
Tall very old rhododendron
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f7bc9c8ee 6257 4762 bf79 fa180f58996b 20201029140623utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fdd769e7d 9ee9 4d08 bb46 ea5041083f35 20201029140626utc small
Left-hand turn to head south toward Quehanna Highway
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f48db4754 e3a3 42bd 93b7 c64e35f13310 20201029140735utc small
Marion Brook Loop junction
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f9731eb42 60fe 486b 9274 e78ea29ef44f 20201029140738utc small
Lincoln Loop Teaberry Loop bisector trail - stay straight and head south
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fc553cf2b 7f38 451c 96f5 ddac5f4447c0 20201029140740utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f81622965 e15b 4478 85b3 cc3e50b245d3 20201029140835utc small
Creek crossing with bridge
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fd91e27e7 4f26 43e6 8d00 659ce6bea0bf 20201029140838utc small
Small campsite next to dead tree
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f810968df 8bf3 4058 a8e2 48bfd8d1d691 20201029140841utc small
Massive dead tree next to campsite
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f0d9dbc1b cdd2 4be3 8f33 bef24529f417 20201029140931utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f9d77584b 7f05 4b04 98a6 d2caa389d575 20201029140934utc small
Lincoln Loop on southern side of Quehanna Highway
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f37908c93 3707 4133 afaa 2409de23f168 20201029140936utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f0fa91f97 1092 417a bd08 1fcfe1b994be 20201029141017utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f403b2ab6 5277 472d 8825 bcd94d3574fd 20201029141018utc small
Lincoln Loop junction - turn left to head to parking
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2f26c8c649 40cc 4fb6 8110 08039dc6ecad 20201029141021utc small
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fc5cd92d2 31c5 42b2 8903 187a3e719049 20201029141052utc small
Parking lot
Lincoln%20and%20teaberry%20loop%2fb62d3466 9f40 4cae bf24 bf0c8383a42c 20201029141055utc small

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