Jordan Pond Loop

Jordan Pond Loop

3.6 Miles Easy

Acadia National Park
Near Mount Desert, Maine


The Jordan Pond Loop Trail is a scenic 3.6 mile hike in Acadia National Park, near Bar Harbor, Maine that leads you around the shores of Jordan Pond. Jordan Pond was formed by an ancient glacier known as the Wisconsin Ice Sheet thousands of years ago. On its western side is Penobscot Mountain that sits high above Jordan Pond at 1,181 feet. And on its northeast shores, you'll find the two iconic mountains known as "The Bubbles".

The hike is mostly flat and the trail switches between wooden planks, paved surfaces, and gravel. There are various points on along the trail where you can hop off the trail and onto the pond's shores - especially the northern shores, this is more possible. This is one of the best an more popular hikes at Acadia National Park.


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44.320532, -68.252413
N 44º 19' 13.914" , W 68º 15' 8.688"
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30 '
Elevation Change
364 '
Elevation Gain
372 '
Elevation Loss

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