Jacobs Hollow and Round Island Run Trails

Jacobs Hollow and Round Island Run Trails

3.0 Miles Hard

Sproul State Forest
Westport, Pennsylvania


This trail includes both the Jacobs Hollow and Round Island Run trails, both in Sproul State Forest, PA. The total mileage, one-way is 3 miles.

The first section of the hike is Jacobs Hollow, which is mostly flat and leads down to the Round Island Run trail.

The hike down on the Round Island Run trail is fairly steep and then disappears half way through the journey toward the river. Either the overgrowth made it hard to spot the trail, or the trail crossed the creek and we didn't realize.

Prepare to cross brooks multiple times before making it down to the river. Small waterfalls can be found along the Round Island Run trail toward the river as well.


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3.0 miles
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Jacobs Hollow and Round Island Run Trails
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