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Album Added: July 12, 2016

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King%20estate%2fimage 20160712222611utc small
King%20estate%2fimage 20160712222640utc small
Old stone ruins from the King Estate
King%20estate%2fimage 20160712222641utc small
More old ruins from the King Estate
King%20estate%2fimage 20161216235908utc small
Gorge in the winter with icicles
King%20estate%2fimage 20161216235909utc small
King%20estate%2ffullsizerender%2017 20171031212052utc small
Back side of the King Estate - possibly an old barn foundation
King%20estate%2ffullsizerender%2013 20171031212100utc small
Old car rusting away
King%20estate%2ffullsizerender%2014 20171031212106utc small
Looking down the ravine hiking up to the ridge next to the zoo
King%20estate%2ffullsizerender%2016 20171031212109utc small
Bushcraft shelter on the ridge
King%20estate%2ffullsizerender%2018 20171031212112utc small
On the ridge next to the edge of the zoo
King%20estate%2ffullsizerender%2015 20171031212115utc small
On the ridge by the edge of the zoo
King%20estate%2fking%20estate%20trail%20map%20(1) 20190402015657utc small
King%20estate%2fking%20estate%20trail%20map 20190402015657utc small

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