Hector Falls - Photos

2.1 Miles Easy
Sheffield, Pennsylvania
Allegheny National Forest

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Top of Hector Falls
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Top of Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2f178896cd 5925 4ec3 b827 8b6470793e72 20200314220244utc small
Hector Falls from the trail
Hector%20falls%2f802173a8 9750 47ad 874a a025827462ce 20200314220247utc small
Hector Falls from between two boulders
Hector%20falls%2ff2f5d6ed 3b38 4524 8b95 f08c3d0b7950 20200314220313utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2f2ecd77c1 8ca7 403d b1e5 c500a1ae3d67 20200314220317utc small
Creek Crossing
Hector%20falls%2f1b5ada1e dbdd 4d89 9eae fa06d8f5493f 20200314220320utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2fbe19bd63 8d42 4083 8741 8d71c70f16fb 20200314220405utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2f5f5bcbb4 c72d 44ef 995b c56ee5204cdb 20200314220406utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2fed4b20e4 7b5d 4df9 9e83 bbba127c4b71 20200314220408utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2f64d318b0 c71d 4f88 ae4a a75cd2cad361 20200314220452utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2ffc576429 08cf 40d7 8ec9 2691e666f12c 20200314220453utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2f9201e79c b776 4a6a 9e9f 01afcc53e95c 20200314220455utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2f8056b9a5 519a 4a3a 9476 c852ea51b183 20200314220536utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2f6c4fbb1c a6ae 4e8a 9003 aa57558988cd 20200314220540utc small
Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2ff146fb83 28d2 4c61 8765 6248a0e0dc52 20200314220622utc small
Looking down the creek from the base of Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2feeaacd95 b047 4224 9d59 dc9332e897b2 20200314220625utc small
Top of Hector Falls
Hector%20falls%2fc06f2ec4 c9f7 419f 91a5 01b2286446c5 20200314220629utc small
Hector%20falls%2fc0a73819 e727 4799 8f37 9951bef93887 20200314220633utc small
Campsite fire pit

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