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Album Added: March 11, 2018

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On the bridge above Elakala Falls
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Elakala%20falls%2f2bfcbb56 fcbc 43ab 9814 115eeba35a40 20180311145345utc small
Elakala Falls - frozen
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Elakala Falls - frozen
Elakala%20falls%2f0561b36b 83d9 4018 863a b295e4d3e629 20180311145348utc small
Elakala Falls - frozen
Elakala%20falls%2f7070f50e 1f6e 48f7 a0b9 c8fc0e6d7656 20180311145349utc small
Elakala%20falls%2f4fe13134 6dda 4e68 8cc8 722e48b47a02 20180311145350utc small
One of a few lookouts
Elakala%20falls%2fbbd56492 c5c0 4a8f 8a6b c7033df61f3a 20180311145351utc small
Take a left-hand turn to Blackwater Lodge Rd
Elakala%20falls%2fad359c02 7446 48d7 a009 34b1bd24407d 20180311145353utc small
Elakala%20falls%2fscreen%20shot%202018 03 11%20at%202 20180311185106utc small
Elakala Falls - frozen
Elakala%20falls%2felakala%20falls%20trail%20map%20(1) 20190226202246utc small
Elakala%20falls%2felakala%20falls%20trail%20map 20190226202246utc small

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