Cranesville Swamp Blue Trail

Cranesville Swamp Blue Trail

0.5 Miles Easy

Cranesville Swamp Natural Area
Terra Alta, West Virginia

The Blue Trail at the Cranesville Swamp Natural Area in Terra Alta, West Virginia is an easy 0.5 miles one-way trail that leads through deciduous, coniferous, and even some swampy scrub lands. While the name of the park and the trail don't sound all that appealing, this trail is one of the most interesting trails in the area due to the diversity of plants and the unique scenery of eastern West Virginia.

The coniferous forests provide for some unique hiking that make it feel like something out of the PNW. Take this trail to get to the Loop Trail at the end, which is by far the best trail at the park.

Dogs are allowed on this trail.


Dogs (leashed)



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39.531806, -79.485612
N 39º 31' 54.504" , W 79º 29' 8.202"
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Cranesville Swamp Blue Trail
0.5 Miles

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