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Album Added: May 03, 2018

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Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f34f405c4 e345 4926 90e9 40ff69b84d8f 20180504011858utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f29666ac3 29c9 43e7 8293 d3d52e17d285 20180504011900utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f8650e9ef 1d96 488e ac5f 34597ccf06e8 20180504011901utc small
Sessile Trillium
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f2d821c89 bcca 403e a78c 851c669a76c4 20180504011903utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2ff6afcdc6 e5d4 4973 be59 336f318449c9 20180504011903utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f8234b87a 318a 4eb5 b014 dad24b37a011 20180504011905utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fc498af39 fb82 4ef0 a902 f70ffa0efb50 20180504011906utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2ff39de601 67a4 4df0 86f1 c3251a208bcd 20180504011927utc small
Small sink hole depressing in the ground - hard to see
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f3640c4b4 4377 4dbb 8059 44e056f3fada 20180504011928utc small
1st lookout point above the sinkhole
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f1345fa5d f68a 48cc b06a 6c380d2f7d70 20180504011930utc small
1st lookout point above the sinkhole
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fdf5700da cd07 4377 a653 a19f5c356c9a 20180504011930utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fbf803286 a12e 4546 b453 583014264c97 20180504011932utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f478019eb 0644 4d3c b7e2 c4fd3a0726df 20180504011933utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f0f10ccb0 ea92 47f0 b0a6 59d716f74254 20180504011934utc small
Celandine Poppy
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f13adac4d f52f 4ebd bf52 df5a28ecd549 20180504011934utc small
2nd lookout
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fd646c832 2897 4f20 9dbc 3e70a464f086 20180504012007utc small
2nd lookout
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f6d3ca7af 0756 41d2 8392 d8ce9f1a263b 20180504012009utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f5f2fb96e af36 4989 baef d789b0798f8a 20180504012009utc small
Another lookout point above the sinkhole
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f6413910a dd11 4013 8ce9 835a88072a70 20180504012011utc small
3rd lookout - next to the river
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f8409ab47 b855 4437 91ef b14556d7bbd0 20180504012011utc small
3rd lookout. Notice the cave entrance with gate
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f2a00fbb9 1260 4c35 b6ba a1b3febb3ea7 20180504012038utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fba192a2f a2f0 428a a38a 8cf945325780 20180504012039utc small
From below the 2nd lookout
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f020a9f7a 9c85 4b91 944c 2e658511d7ca 20180504012040utc small
4th lookout before staircase going up
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f703c52b8 ed86 47b0 829a 912bfbc90c03 20180504012041utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fc19a22b0 2830 4a24 b067 d0b04bf7df24 20180504012042utc small
4th lookout
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f23621683 2e83 4d75 96fc c3a6fd16cfbb 20180504012043utc small
5th lookout - spur trail behind the 4th lookout
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f410f7fe7 0b8f 4835 8782 cea66d9db7e1 20180504012044utc small
5th lookout
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2f56cc28e4 7ffe 4ce1 8ddc 839b7a6e5067 20180504012045utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fecd7b507 f85a 46da a5b1 08638d37639e 20180504012046utc small
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fa36ceb1e e3ab 42ba 8cf9 1e6de326a988 20180504012047utc small
To get back up - next to the 4th lookout
Cedar%20sink%20trail%2fac801825 f858 4c58 9701 c8ddbc0b80cb 20180504012048utc small
Fire Pink flowers

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