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Album Added: September 30, 2019

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Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fbf0bef1e a696 49cd 8062 26fa48f32931 20190930125445utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fe851c283 e0c2 4bd8 88b0 a8bc2d7f3a5b 20190930125448utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f8a99cf4e ff9c 442e a4db f1f1f739e7c0 20190930125450utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f283620e6 db00 477a bf3e f4053958b1c5 20190930125453utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f7adbc01b 9d1b 454d 938a 20a14081a596 20190930125455utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f934ad7b1 093b 4b69 8b3c 3871df119339 20190930125458utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f1a476b9f 47ca 485a a455 21e2bdb0878c 20190930125500utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fc0c0c7b9 4fbc 4b04 8200 e844afd0658e 20190930125503utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f1f2cae3a 897e 4252 a680 646789d9341b 20190930125506utc small
View from the vista point Nordjeuskald
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fa1a086c8 86e9 4525 abb4 b30002ac8dba 20190930125508utc small
Vista point Nordjeuskald
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fff5cbab2 3a55 4138 a85f 70e3ce574662 20190930125510utc small
Ole Bull castle foundation
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f97b2d31d 571a 42c3 8261 1513af38a499 20190930125631utc small
View from the vista point Nordjeuskald
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f4ba82604 9860 4a61 8573 31fe4f177223 20190930125634utc small
View from the vista point Nordjeuskald
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fb47d8b31 55aa 4610 94db 32359109af4d 20190930125635utc small
View from the vista point Nordjeuskald
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fa5ee0347 20f4 4dc2 b6c2 2d109197e2e5 20190930125637utc small
View from the vista point Nordjeuskald
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fa8ccb163 93f2 436e 8f11 830c37ad6025 20190930125639utc small
View from the vista point Nordjeuskald
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2fed4cc430 5f79 4fff bb67 372b69362896 20190930125641utc small
Ole Bull castle foundation
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f6d09361e 64b3 4d93 8711 7f99a0d0ee75 20190930125644utc small
View from the vista point Nordjeuskald
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2ff252e233 7c3e 436e 8c77 27a90357b28b 20190930125645utc small
Small view from the retaining wall spur trail
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f01259671 430f 4689 bc83 a5b0016e8ba2 20190930125647utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f79f5ac74 9dee 4348 8113 2ce9c98963e7 20190930125650utc small
Castle%20vista%20trail%20ole%20bull%2f15c3a40f 4f06 4c41 8d28 412f5ff60f43 20190930125652utc small
Ole Bull Memorial

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