Big Tree Hollow Trail - Photos

1.1 Miles Hard
Shippen Township, Pennsylvania
Tioga State Forest

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Big Tree Hollow Trail trailhead
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f312cfe19 1433 48ea 9203 2489f23d64b8 20190822191823utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f5bbcfb29 d944 4f5f a4f3 c40917dc597a 20190822191825utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2fb62bc7bf ac59 411c b0fe 0fca6d8bd062 20190822191827utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f8f80cc1e c79e 4095 8c14 95c45215aa57 20190822191830utc small
Two red spotted newts
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f30e18faa 473d 4155 85eb 6bfd1ffbc331 20190822191832utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f66ea8763 9807 4169 a355 690ad008de67 20190822191834utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f399a171c c243 456b 9049 dc72c0cf9763 20190822191836utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f318e9b1f 775a 49f8 b721 2f4933ca0b85 20190822191922utc small
Trail ends at the Middle Ridge Trail
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f43c1acd5 85f2 48b8 bd0f be8fecc401d9 20190822191924utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f5ca1d19b 90bf 4496 8f38 30e23d9d1735 20190822191927utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2fe5e11089 7555 4ee5 bc21 f77741fe159c 20190822191929utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f23ceff46 5e10 48cf 9392 4455978feb5a 20190822191932utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2fd857ebb3 ee9c 4be8 8cf9 fede4e40bf31 20190822191934utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2fc260226b 8baf 44d1 80f0 b193d5de5280 20190822191936utc small
Big%20tree%20hollow%20trail%2f2d2cde31 528b 473a a756 dcd185b441a0 20190822191946utc small

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