Barking Slopes Easement Trail - Photos

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Album Added: October 07, 2017

Barking%20slopes%20easement%20trail%2fimg 0538 20171007153711utc small
Heading uphill near the trailhead
Barking%20slopes%20easement%20trail%2fimg 0541 20171007153718utc small
View of Pittsburgh, PA from the top of the hill
Barking%20slopes%20easement%20trail%2fimg 0578 20171007153721utc small
Trail junction - take a right hand turn
Barking%20slopes%20easement%20trail%2fimg 0579 20171007153724utc small
Vista toward Harmar, PA
Barking%20slopes%20easement%20trail%2fimg 0580 20171007153726utc small
Vista of Cheswick, PA
Barking%20slopes%20easement%20trail%2fimg 0598 20171007153728utc small
View of the powerlines and fields at the top of the hill
Barking%20slopes%20easement%20trail%2fimg 0599 20171007153843utc small
Vista toward Pittsburgh, PA

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