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The Bald Mountain Loop at dePierrefeu-Willard Pond Sanctuary in Antrim, New Hampshire is a moderate 2.7-mile summit hike that features beautiful vistas of southern New Hampshire's mountains, including Mount Monadnock.

Trail Name: Tamposi Trail, Bald Mountain Trail and Tudor Trail.

Location: dePierrefeu-Willard Pond Sanctuary, Willard Pond Road, Antrim NH.

Allowed activities: foot travel only, hiking, birding, geocaching, picnicking, nature study, kayaking, canoeing.

Forbidden activities: There are no fires, no smoking, no camping, no vehicles, no biking, no horses, no hunting, no firearms, no littering, no disturbing or removing plants or animals, no fishing, no trapping, no swimming.

Hours: Trails are available during daylight hours year round.

Parking and fees: There is ample parking at trailhead. There are no fees to park or use trails.

Pets: Dogs are permitted in designated areas only and must be leashed at all times.

Accessibility: The ascent is not difficult, but is steady from start to finish with some switchbacks built in for breaks. There are lots of rocks and boulders to navigate around which while making for an interesting hike, exclude anyone who might have issues with mobility or balance. This loop trail is not recommended for wheelchairs or strollers.

Sanitation: There is a port-a-potty at the parking area: this may not be available during winter months. There are no trash bins at the parking trail head or along the trail. Please carry out all waste.

Trail information: There is a trailhead kiosk at the parking area with information about each trail and a posted trail map. The trail blaze markers for the Tamposi Trail are yellow. The trail blaze markers for the Bald Mountain Trail are red and the trail blaze markers for the Tudor Trail are yellow. There are no maps to take along. Hikers can print a map before heading out. A map can be downloaded by following the link below:


Length and features: This hike was a moderate 2.7 mile long hike, done as a loop. The Tamposi Trail begins to ascend almost immediately from the trailhead at the parking area. The incline is not strenuous, but it is steady. Hikers will find some smoother flatter sections along the trail, most often when traversing the switchbacks up the side of the mountain. There are the typical foot hazards to be aware of during the hike.

The substrate varies with the expected forest terrain to navigate. Hikers will encounter tree roots, rocks of all different sizes, smooth fern flanked pathways, a small flowing stream, old stone walls to cross over and possible fallen trees along the trail. Some of the boulders hikers will encounter are immense and although quite stationary, look precarious in their placement. The ones that are next to the trail are fun to explore and make for some great photo opportunities using the rocks as “frames”. There is plenty of shade provided by the tree canopy of this beautiful mature mixed forest. The blaze markers are abundant and make it very easy to keep to the trail.

There is a wide flat rocky area surrounded by mature trees at the summit of Bald Mountain. There is a cairn there to mark the spot. The view at the summit is obscured by trees; however there are beautiful views further along this hike connecting to the Bald Mountain trail that has red trail blaze markers to guide hikers. There are at least three sections offering views of Mount Monadnock, the hills and mountains toward the east as well as the lovely views of Willard Pond glimmering in the valley below. The leaves have already begun to change into their fall splendor and the views of the valley to the east will not doubt be spectacular from this vantage point. There is also a geocache near one of the viewing areas, and it is well maintained but can be tricky to find.

The descent down the Bald Mountain trail is steady, but not strenuous. Not far down the mountain, hikers will be delighted to find a very interesting rock formation that looks as if a massive chunk of stone was partial cut away from the larger structure. The chasm created is big enough to walk through and tapers down to just a crack. The formation is right alongside the trail and is fun to investigate before heading down along the trail way. Bald Mountain trail winds its way down and through the mixed forest and connects to the Tudor Trail at the base to close the loop. This hike was a great workout with great views.

This wildlife sanctuary is part of the New Hampshire Audubon Society and this is one of its largest properties at nearly 1700 acres of protected lands.

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