Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f001 20190908144303utc small
Trail kiosk and Port-a-potty
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f002 20190908144307utc small
Posted Trail map at Kiosk
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f003 20190908144311utc small
Plenty of parking
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f004 20190908144315utc small
Tamposi Trail at far end of parking area
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f005 20190908144319utc small
Trail marker on tree
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f006 20190908144323utc small
Watch your footing for roots and rocks
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f007 20190908144327utc small
Trail substrate
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f008 20190908144638utc small
Plenty of shade from tree canopy
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f009 20190908144643utc small
Immense boulders to explore along trail
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f011 20190908144651utc small
Boulders frame an interesting shot
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f014 20190908144705utc small
Boulders are immense
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f015 20190908145250utc small
Boulders make great places to take pictures
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f017 20190908145258utc small
Trail cuts through a large boulder
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f018 20190908145302utc small
Trail substrate
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f019 20190908145307utc small
A little fun passing through rock split
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f020 20190908145311utc small
View from the other side of the rock split
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f022 20190908145731utc small
Small stream along trail easy to cross over
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f023 20190908145736utc small
Beautiful fungi sprinkled on the forest floor
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f025 20190908145746utc small
Lots of roots on trail
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f026 20190908145750utc small
Fern flanked pathway
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f027 20190908145754utc small
Careful of fallen trees
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f029 20190908150352utc small
Mount Monadnock in the distance
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f032 20190908150404utc small
Nearing the summit of Bald Mountain
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f035 20190908150417utc small
Cairn marks the summit
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f037 20190908150742utc small
Bald Mountain and Tamposi Trail Markers
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f038 20190908150746utc small
Trail substrate
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f039 20190908150750utc small
The trail descends
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f041 20190908150755utc small
Views of Mountains in the distance
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f042 20190908150759utc small
A glimpse of Willard Pond below
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f044 20190908151232utc small
Rocks and juniper bushes near viewpoint
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f045 20190908151237utc small
Beautiful Vista
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f046 20190908151241utc small
Juniper bushes loaded with berries
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f047 20190908151245utc small
Mount Monadnock in the distance
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f050 20190908151545utc small
Rock at viewpoint
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f051 20190908151550utc small
Beautiful Vista
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f052 20190908151554utc small
Beautiful Vista
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f055 20190908151606utc small
Trail continues back to the forest
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f056 20190908151611utc small
Sneak peak of the season change
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f057 20190908151959utc small
Fall colors showing an early preview
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f058 20190908152003utc small
Huge stone with chasm to explore
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f059 20190908152007utc small
Split tapers down to a crack
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f060 20190908152011utc small
Rock split is big enough to fit a person
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f061 20190908152016utc small
Fun rock to investigate
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f062 20190908152020utc small
Wide split caused by ice and gravity perhaps
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f063 20190908152024utc small
Signs of Fall
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f069 20190908152356utc small
Willard Pond glimmers down in the valley
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f075 20190908152609utc small
Trail substrate
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f076 20190908152613utc small
Interesting Rocks back on Tudor Trail
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f077 20190908152617utc small
Tudor Trail along Willard Pond
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f079 20190908152625utc small
View of Willard Pond from Tudor Trail
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f080 20190908152629utc small
View of Willard Pond from Tudor Trail
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f081 20190908152635utc small
Tudor Trail near exit to access road
Bald%20mountain%20loop%2f082 20190908152639utc small
End of the hike to the right down access road to Parking area

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