Holland Glen

Holland Glen

0.8 Miles Easy

Belchertown, Massachusetts


The Holland Glen Trail is an easy 0.8 mile loop hike up to the small waterfall - Holland Glen, in Belchertown, Massachusetts. The waterfall, also known as Hop Brook Falls, is the main attraction on this trail and is well worth the trip in the early Spring, the dead of winter, or when there's been recent rainfall. The falls starts off on a gradual slope heading down the creek on a large rock formation before falling about 6 or 7 feet into the pool below. The surrounding forest is mainly coniferous, so the entire area just feels like a hidden gem in the middle of western Massachusetts.

At the first split in the trail, the trail on the right is steeper, but the trail to the left goes to the same place and is much easier to hike. It's recommended to hike up the right-side trail and hike own the left side to make it a loop. Or just stick to the left side of the loop and use that portion of the trail as an out-and-back hike for a similar round-trip distance.

Once you reach Hop Brook Falls, there's an overlook ledge next to a campfire ring that gives you a view above the falls from above. If you came up the western side of the loop, you'll have to cross the creek to reach this overlook and campsite. If you hiked up the right side of the loop, you'll stumble on the campsite and overlook before having to hike up and over the falls to hike down the west portion.

Camping: There's a campsite and campfire ring near the falls and plenty of people have camped there previously. There's no signage saying "no camping" nor have I (Admin) or anyone I've heard of anyone having trouble camping here. Be respectful, pack-in and pack-out.


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42.324986, -72.43071
N 42º 19' 29.952" , W 72º 25' 50.556"
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