Turpentine Trail-Duffy Lake-Pine Ridge Loop

20.6 Miles / 33.2 km
Time to Hike:
10 hours, ~18 minutes
Surface Type:
Willamette National Forest
Sisters, Oregon
44.553965, -121.933951
September 26, 2017
November 27, 2017
1,090 '

Total Change
2,849 '

2,886 '


Hike a spectacular mega-loop full of views, wildflowers, past burns, and.... an overgrown trail! Cumulative elevation gain is 3,000 feet. 

A major warning for this hike: Do NOT attempt this hike without GPS and route-finding skills. Be prepared to get scuffed, crawl on your belly under logs, step over hundreds of logs, and hike through termite-infested snags. But if you carry along a GPS, you will have a memorable adventure worth telling about, be glad you did it, (and never wish to re-do!) The views are constant throughout this hike. By providing a GPS track, you will hopefully have less issues finding the trail than I did.

Start out on the Pine Ridge TH, turn right onto the Turpentine Trail, pass under thick green forest before reaching the burn. Cross and pass under hundreds of fallen logs, descend a series of extremely overgrown switchbacks, then reach the Duffy Lake Trail as you exit the burn. Turn left at the junction, pass by Duffy Lake, re-enter the burn, pass by Mowich Lake, little Alice Lake, and cross over a pass before descending down a forested trail to Jorn Lake. Jorn Lake is the centerpiece of the popular Eight Lakes Basin. Turn left onto the Blue Lake Trail. 

Once on the Blue Lake Trail, pass Blue Lake and ascend over a burned, exposed saddle between Saddle Mountain and a lava plug, then descend down in a series of switchbacks before re-entering the forest. Turn left onto the well-graded Pine Ridge Trail and take this forested trail back to your car. To add the optional half-mile hike to Marion Mountain (extremely recommended!), once on the Pine Ridge Trail, take the Marion Mountain Trail detour. See the hiking guide on MyHikes for Marion Mountain via Pine Ridge.

Explore 4 trails near Sisters, OR
  1. Parking

    44.553965, -121.933951
  2. Main Trailhead

    44.554065, -121.933649
  3. Trail continues straight

    44.521514, -121.934708
    Trail continues straight
  4. Trail turns to the left

    44.515264, -121.931297
    Trail turns to the left
  5. Trail comes down through brush

    44.514294, -121.926758
    Trail comes down through brush
  6. Trail curves left through brush

    44.514239, -121.931022
    Trail curves left through brush
  7. Trail turns right through the brush

    44.514642, -121.930328
    Trail turns right through the brush
  8. Short section of boardwalk

    44.513139, -121.926894
    Short section of boardwalk
  9. Wildflowers

    44.514503, -121.926492
  10. Trail cuts through fallen dead trees

    44.503747, -121.922661
    Trail cuts through fallen dead trees
  11. Turpentine Trail sign

    44.497178, -121.921394
    Turpentine Trail sign
  12. Trail cuts through more dead standing

    44.502839, -121.870636
    Trail cuts through more dead standing
  13. View of Alice Lake

    44.505719, -121.867967
    View of Alice Lake
  14. View of Duffy Lake

    44.514786, -121.870286
    View of Duffy Lake
  15. Blue Lake Trail junction

    44.514469, -121.867936
    Blue Lake Trail junction
  16. Vista of Three Fingered Jack

    44.527753, -121.870042
    Vista of Three Fingered Jack
  17. Vista heading up a hill

    44.527753, -121.870042
    Vista heading up a hill
  18. Trail continues straight through the forest

    44.538175, -121.871794
    Trail continues straight through the forest
  19. Pine Ridge Trail

    44.551589, -121.875983
    Pine Ridge Trail
  20. Vista of Marion Lake

    44.552758, -121.877647
    Vista of Marion Lake
  21. Vista of Jorn Lake

    44.514786, -121.870286
    Vista of Jorn Lake
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20.6 miles / 33.2 km
Trail added
September 26, 2017
Hiked on
June 26, 2017
Updated on
November 27, 2017
18.8 miles / 30.3 km
June 22, 2020
This is a cool loop. I'm grateful to the first write-up as it was the only link up of these trails that I could find across all of the interwebs. This trail has a little bit of everything: great vistas, forests, burn areas, lakes, ridgelines, a few streams, etc. I found the trail relatively easier to follow then the original write-up suggests as I think the forest service has had the chance to clear some of the trees blocking the trail. There was still several blocking, but easy to navigate around or over. We went clockwise, camped near the top of marion mountain (w a great view of mt jeff) after 4+ miles the first night, then split the next part of the loop into 7ish mile days over two days. We camped around Duffy lake the second night. Only trouble was there was not a water source between Turpentine Creek and Jack Creek. Luckily Jack Creek was there for us to refill before we went over the ridge in direct sunlight. Once you descend into the lake regions you are obviously good for water. We went in late June and there were heavy mosquitoes on almost the entire trip, but that is just par for the course this time of year. Also I think the mileage is 20 only if you include up and down Marion Mountain.

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