Summit West Trail Francestown NH - Photos

5.1 Miles Moderate
Francestown, New Hampshire
Crotched Mountain Town Forest

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Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1185 20190509033540utc small
Entrance to parking and trail
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1248 20190509033613utc small
Plenty of room for parking
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1187 20190509033649utc small
Information Kiosk
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1194 20190509033722utc small
Trail map available to bring along on your hike
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1197 20190509033844utc small
Link trail and marker to Quarry Trail Loop
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1198 20190509033848utc small
Rocky but wide trail
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1199 20190509033852utc small
Picnic table near the pond
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1201 20190509033952utc small
Trail marker on tree
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1202 20190509033956utc small
Pedestrian bridge over beaver dam area
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1203 20190509034000utc small
Beaver dam
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1204 20190509034004utc small
Evidence of Beaver activity
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1206 20190509034110utc small
No Blaze markers here, but the way is clear to see
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1208 20190509034114utc small
Kiosk near service roads and branching trails
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1209 20190509034118utc small
Trail marker on tree
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1211 20190509034256utc small
A choice to make: West Summit Trail to the left, and East Summit trail to the right
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1212 20190509034300utc small
Old stone walls on the trail
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1213 20190509034304utc small
Springtime streams can cause mucky conditions
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1214 20190509034308utc small
Springtime stream along the trail
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1221 20190509034432utc small
Hoblebush in bloom
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1222 20190509034436utc small
View of the Summit from the valley below
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1224 20190509034444utc small
Crossing the stream over the rocks
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1228 20190509034552utc small
The trail begins to head up hill
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1229 20190509034556utc small
Follow the rock wall up the trail toward the summit
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1235 20190509034652utc small
Porcupine in a tree along the trail
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1236 20190509034656utc small
Large boulders near the summit
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1240 20190509034805utc small
Huge boulder outcropping
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1241 20190509034809utc small
Mount Monadnock off in the distance
Summit%20west%20trail%20francestown%20nh%2fimg 1242 20190509034813utc small
If you want to get back to Farrington Parking lot, pay attention to posted notices

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