Snaggy Mountain Trail - Swallow Falls Rd to Cranesville Rd

Snaggy Mountain Trail - Swallow Falls Rd to Cranesville Rd

0.6 Miles Easy

Garrett State Forest
Oakland, Maryland

This small portion of the Snaggy Mountain Trail at Garrett State Forest in Oakland, Maryland is an easy 0.6 mile out-and-back hike that leads from Swallow Falls Rd and over to Cranesville Rd and back.

Initially we mapped this hike because we couldn't find any trail maps in the area near where we parked on Swallow Falls Rd; however, we did find a trail map for Garrett State Forest at the other parking lot along Cranesville Rd, where this GPS data meets that road.

There's not much to see on this portion of the Snaggy Mountain Trail; however, note that there's a trail that runs parallel this one, which appears to head to Swallow Falls State Park. There's another parking lot, for this parallel trail, just east on Swallow Falls Rd from where this trail starts.

Dogs and biking are both allowed here. Primitive camping and backpacking are both allowed here as well - please check out the park's site for more details.

Blaze color: This portion of the Snaggy Mountain Trail had blueish-green blaze colors, hence the green blaze setting.


Camping Allowed
Dogs (leashed)



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39.484689, -79.43902
N 39º 29' 4.878" , W 79º 26' 20.472"
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54 '
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74 '
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