Noanet Peak

Noanet Peak

3.4 Miles Moderate

Noanet Woodlands
Dover, Massachusetts

This 3.4 mile out-and-back/loop combo hike out to Noanet Peak in the Noanet Woodlands outside of Boston, Massachusetts is a great way to see the city skyline from the middle of the woods. This hike brings you to the old mill site in the Noanet Woodlands and circles two ponds that feed the stream that the mill sat on. After circling the ponds, the trail shoots up to Noanet Peak where you get a skyline view of Boston. If you skip the ponds, it's about 1.5 miles to get to Noanet Peak.

Fishing in the ponds is allowed by permit-only and Noanet Woodlands has about 17 miles of trails in total. The trails are not well marked, but there are signs to navigate to the old mill site and peak.


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42.248222, -71.271194
N 42º 14' 53.598" , W 71º 16' 16.296"
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