Mt Katahdin Loop - Photos

Album Added: September 16, 2019

View of Knifes Edge from the Cathedral Trail
View near junction of Saddle Trail and the Cathedral Trail
Hiking the Knifes Edge
View from the Knifes Edge
Katahdin's Baxter Peak summit and end of the Appalachian Trail (AT)
View looking down from Knifes Edge with Chimney Pond below
View from the summit of Baxter Peak on Mt. Katahdin
View of Knifes Edge with large drop-offs
Mt. Pamola Summit
View of Mt. Pamola from Chimney Peak
Chimney Peak Summit
View from the eastern slopes of Mt. Pamola
View toward Mt. Pamola while ascending
Looking uphill toward Mt. Pamola along a rocky ascent
Explore the Trail:
8.6 Miles
Millinocket, Maine
Baxter State Park