Gerard Trail & Bike Trail Loop

Gerard Trail & Bike Trail Loop

4.6 Miles Hard

Oil Creek State Park
Near Titusville, Pennsylvania

The Gerard Trail & Bike Trail Loop at Oil Creek State Park in Titusville, Pennsylvania, is a moderate 4.6 mile hike that starts at the north entrance of the park. This hike spans about 2 miles of the Gerard Trail, then crosses the suspension bridge to the bike trail on the opposite side of the river. Just before crossing Oil Creek, you'll start to hike downhill on the Gerard Trail switchbacks towards the suspension bridge. Along the way, you'll find old metal shacks that were built to house oil machinery back when this land was used for oil drilling. The history of Oil Creek still lies on the sides of the trails in the woods, like old oil wells too. After crossing the suspension bridge, head back north along the Bike Path Trail to parking for an additional 2.6 miles to make a 4.6 mile loop.

This hike is a great way to see some of the history of Oil Creek, but the park is significantly larger than this one portion. For a longer day hike, be sure to check out the Oil Creek Bike Trail, which runs the entire length of Oil Creek State Park.


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41.61591, -79.658241
N 41º 36' 57.276" , W 79º 39' 29.67"
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411 '
Elevation Change
505 '
Elevation Gain
497 '
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