Gate 35

Gate 35

3.0 Miles Easy

Quabbin Reservoir
New Salem, Massachusetts


The Gate 35 Trail at Quabbin Reservoir is a 3 mile out-and-back hike that leads from Old N Dana Rd in New Salem, MA, down to Quabbin. The trail is mostly flat and is lightly-trafficked, but can be more crowded on holiday weekends. After the trail reaches the water, it continues running along the east side of the reservoir for quite a while. This is one of the best trails at Quabbin considering the views you get along with the seclusion of the northern side of Quabbin. This trail is a lot less trafficked than most of the popular spots on Quabbin's south side.

Note: The GPS data provided only includes 3 miles out and back for this Quabbin gate.


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42.50423, -72.273834
N 42º 30' 15.228" , W 72º 16' 25.8"
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32 '
Elevation Change
187 '
Elevation Gain
187 '
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