First Creek Canyon Trail - Photos

3.0 Miles Moderate
Las Vegas, Nevada
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

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First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2509 20190604221243utc small
Limited Parking along the roadside
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2511 20190604221251utc small
Trailhead Sign
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2512 20190604221255utc small
Trail map
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2513 20190604221354utc small
Trail gate
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2514 20190604221358utc small
Trail substrate
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2522 20190604221402utc small
No Blaze markers here, but the way is clear to see
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2536 20190604221407utc small
Beautiful Vistas, with clouds moving in
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2545 20190604221453utc small
Lush greenery in the First Creek Canyon
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2547 20190604221457utc small
Beautiful Vistas
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2550 20190604221602utc small
Breathtaking views along the trail
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2551 20190604221606utc small
Rock outcroppings with slippery gravel
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2552 20190604221610utc small
A beautiful oasis in the desert
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2553 20190604221724utc small
Waterfall oasis
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2554 20190604221728utc small
Rocky slopes
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2555 20190604221732utc small
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2558 20190604221859utc small
Waterfall and pool below
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2560 20190604221909utc small
Water in the pool means life to tadpoles
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2561 20190604221915utc small
Rock scrambles
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2562 20190604221919utc small
Waterfall and pool below
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2563 20190604222146utc small
Pool created from the waterfall
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2564 20190604222151utc small
Rock outcropping
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2565 20190604222155utc small
Trail substrate
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2566 20190604222159utc small
Slippery slope on the trail to the waterfall
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2567 20190604222204utc small
Rock outcropping
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2568 20190604222208utc small
Storms in the distance
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2569 20190604222324utc small
Beautiful Vistas
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2570 20190604222328utc small
Amazing Mountainside
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2571 20190604222332utc small
Beautiful Vistas
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2572 20190604222335utc small
Trail turnaround area
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2579 20190604222344utc small
Beautiful blooms in the desert
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2581 20190604222512utc small
The desert is blooming!
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2583 20190604222520utc small
Huge Pines growing tall from the waters of First Creek
First%20creek%20canyon%20trail%2fimg 2587 20190604222631utc small
Trail substrate heading back to parking area

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