Eliza Fox Trail - Photos

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Album Added: November 13, 2017

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Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4841 20171113151851utc small
Outdated northern trailhead with old trail name
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4846 20171113151855utc small
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4850 20171113151857utc small
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4856 20171113151859utc small
Along the creek in Riding Meadows Park
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4861 20171113151900utc small
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4865 20171113151901utc small
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4870 20171113151903utc small
Small waterfall off of the reservoir
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4871 20171113151904utc small
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4876 20171113151905utc small
Rusting oil well
Eliza%20fox%20trail%2fimg 4879 20171113151907utc small

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